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6 Month • 6 Year Tantric Numerology Report

We are now in the 6 Month in a 6 Year. This is the month to really embody what it is to be moving through a 6 year. In Tantric Numerology the 6 is the Arcline Number and also refers to 'The Person at Prayer'.

The Arcline, which is the sixth of the ten bodies, is commonly depicted as a halo. It is the nucleus of the aura. We have one Arcline that extends from ear to ear (across the hairline and forehead) and a second (heart) arcline across the breast. The Arcline and this 6 month will awaken certain areas within you body. The pituitary gland in particular which will have an effect on the regulation of the nervous system and balance of the glandular system.

Your arcline is the seed of your intuitive ability and is a very subtle body of energy that is accessed fully via meditation and meditative mindset.

This month may see us exploring or becoming more aware of the balance between the physical realm and the cosmic realm. Perhaps there will be new science confirming our greater human capacity to be able to communicate telepathically or around a humans healing capacity at a distance.

This is also the month to be aware of your immune health. Especially as this is already highlighted this year. We are likely to find our selves hearing about or involved in matters that relate to justice, to the need for protection, which could see us turning to spirituality and particularly prayer.

June will require us to maintain a strong focus on our goals and our personal dreams without being distracted by fear or particularly material matters. Meditation is a must and truly is the medicine when feelings of being frazzled, frayed or even desperate arise. Quietness, reflection and prayer. Our intuition will protect us from stress if we listen.

For this year we are practicing the Meditation for the Arcline and the 6 Year. Read about it on the Archive on our website or practice with us in class in Samford Valley or Tamborine Mountain. DM us for more info.

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