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Alchemy of Prosperity

Wealth does not guarantee prosperity. Wealth has a purpose, it can help you to guide your life comfortably, that does not mean you are prosperous. The sign of a person who is prosperous,  from dawn to dusk, they are one who can create harmonious, creative and clearing atmosphere.



Success is a mathematical equation consisting of attention and energy. It is a very basic equation however many struggle with it. This is a business course for the Aquarian Age and the evolution of conducting business with one another. It is a fundamental program in all of our trainings, and is automatically included in your learning portal when you enrol. This program can also be purchased and studied on it's own to support you in up levelling your vision into success and prosperity. The modules in this training can be applied to any business. We draw on yoga, meditation and healing businesses for examples in the modules, however the topics in the workbooks can be applied across service or product based industries.


As a stand alone program this training is worth 6CPD points plus workbook hours.

Each module includes a recorded sixty minute lecture and a PDF workbook download with topics and resources for you to create or redesign your business or vision. 

Module One - Business in the Aquarian Age & Realising Your Business Identity

In this module you'll learn the shift of business principals and models from the change of age from Piscean to Aquarian age and how to recognise where old Piscean habits may still be playing out in your psyche and subconscious. You'll also learn how to recognise your unique business identity and blueprint with the yogic universal equation for success.

Module Two - Visioning & Mission

This module will guide you through the fundamentals of visioning your business and future while clarifying your services and offerings, in alignment with your business identity and blueprint. This module is foundational for the future modules of branding and marketing.

Module Three -Money for Prosperity

We rewrite the narrative on money and your success. Learn our very practical and simple tools which become the basis for your financial success and prosperity.

Module Four - Architecture of Your Brand 

Converting your blueprint, vision and mission into a brand that works plus current technology tips for DIY branding. This module will be delivered live on January 24 at 11am with the recording available afterwards.

Module Five - A Prosperity Approach to Marketing & Social Media Marketing 

The heart of a successful marketing strategy is the Truth. This module guides you through identifying marketing plan and strategy for you (every business is different) plus historical and current marketing techniques that will support your business growth and development. You will learn how to get crystal clear on your message, identify your audience and understand how to craft content that speaks to your audience/s.  This module will be delivered live on February 7 at 11am with the recording available afterwards.

Module Six - Your Business Ecosystem

Your business community is the cornerstone of your business. In this module we cover tools and principals for growing and maintain successful, loyal and longstanding communities. You'll also have a chance to reflect on your relationship to competition and scarcity mentality - a hangover from the piscean age. This module will be delivered live on February 21 at 11am with the recording available afterwards.

Bonus resources

  • Social Media Marketing Schedule & Planner

  • Pre-formatted excel / numbers spreadsheet with a video guide to start budgeting and basic accounting which can be applied by beginners through to long term business directors.

  • 10 Sacred Secrets of Success - 5 part podcast series on applying the yogic principals for success in business and life.

13 MOONS-91.jpg



Modules are online and can be completed at any time.

> Business in the Aquarian Age & Realising Your Business Identity

> Visioning & Mission

> Money for Prosperity

> Architecture of Your Brand

> A Prosperity Approach Marketing & Social Media Marketing

> Your Business Ecosystem



$360 ex GST


$No extra cost

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