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Weekly Kundalini Yoga & Meditation 

 classes with Sam & Leila, in our  private home studios. 

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Beautiful supportive and nourishing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes for women with Sam Lindsay German in her healing space - The Calm Room in Samford Valley.

Monday - Friday Morning Sadhana 5am (online only)

Tuesday 6.30pm

Thursday 9.30am

All classes are available via live stream into The Calm Room private Facebook group. Connect with Sam for more info and to book in

Retreat to the top of the world on Tamborine Mountain with Leila for a deeply spiritual connection back to your self. Weekly kundalini yoga & meditation classes for all.

Tuesday 6.30pm

Wednesday 4.30pm (for teens)

Friday 9.30am

Plus deeply restorative monthly half day retreats.

Connect with Leila for more info and to book in.

13 Moons Kundalini Yoga Meditation Subtle Body Healing & Reiki
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