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Yoga and Meditation for Menopause & Perimenopause, Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, Brisbane, Australia


Menopause Yoga & Meditation

90hr Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Training (Menopause)

Yoga Alliance International - Post Graduate CPD Recognised

Join us for a truly unique journey understanding the journey of Menopause. We will be exploring both the eastern and yogic philosophy of menopause.

Menopause it seems is having its moment.  No longer is it something not spoken about or hidden in fact currently there are 1,724,635 posts that have used the #menopause on instagram. This has led to a bombardment of information from many differing degrees of credibility, a true sign of the Aquarian times we are currently living.  As with all stages of a woman’s life Menopause is time that women need women more than ever.  We yearn connection with others who understand, we need support from those who can offer empathy and understanding and we need a safe space in which to unmask and be our true unapologetic selves. 

Menopause guided yoga and meditation classes provide these spaces to move through these experiences and traverse the landscape from perimenopause, through menopause and onwards.

Classes designed for the journey of menopause can become an opportunity for self therapy.  What we do in yoga is clear the body of the residue left by years of pent up emotions.  We are offered a safe space to move through emotions and clear them somatically.  


As we do this the nervous system is both supported and strengthened, our chakra system re aligned and we begin to find it easier to speak what we feel without needing to apologise.


The practice of yoga reduces stress and anxiety which can be incredibly debilitating for women during this stage of life.  Kundalini Yoga offers tools that can be used outside of classes easily. In Kundalini Yoga we are encouraged to establish a daily practice, a sadhana.  


Sitting with oneself every morning practicing kriya and meditation, especially during the final transition years of perimenopause is a powerful way to re build the deep soul connection and spiritual growth many crave at this time.

This is a training you can participate for your own self learning and understanding of the menopause journey and how Kundalini Yoga and Meditation will support your own life, or alternatively you can take this course to become a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher specialising in Menopause Yoga and Meditation.


  • This training is a module of the Level Three Advance Diploma

  • Incorporated with the Level One Kundalini Yoga Teacher training will qualify you as a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher specialising in Menopause and to work with women in this phase of life in a healing capacity. Find out more here about becoming a kundalini yoga & meditation teacher specialising in Menopause.

  • Incorporated with the 13 Moons Healers training will qualify you to hold menopause mediation circles and to work with women in this phase of life in a healing capacity.

  • You can also attend this training for your own self development to learn about the yogic approach to the perimenopause and menopause phase of life.

Enrolment Information

2024 Intakes

April 26, 27 & 28 (Brisbane)


8am - 5pm each day with time for lunch and breaks.



• Post Graduate Yoga Specialisation in Perimenopause & Menopause

• 90 CPD Points

Pre-requisite for Certification

100hr Meditation teacher or 

200hr (min) Yoga Teacher

Yoga Alliance Registrations 

• Continuing Professional Development 

• Associate Yoga Teacher working towards qualification


Samford Valley (Brisbane) & Online

(International Membership Available)


This is a three day training delivering the yogic and western understanding of Menopause and the yogic approach to supporting a woman in this phase of life. 


Menopause, which means “the ceasing of menstruation” is the status given to a women who has not had a menstrual bleed for 12 months. It is not however where it all begins. Perimenopause is the term given to women who are experiencing a change in hormone levels that could be said to be as a result of the natural aging process.  Most women enter the perimenopausal period within their 40s although some women can begin as early as 34. The body is shifting from the fertile years to the menopausal years. During this time each and every menstrual cycle can be used almost like a messenger relaying the truth about the woman's physical and mental health.

Most women find that as they enter their 40s they begin to notice a new level of dissatisfaction with their lives and with the world.  The promise of having it all may be becoming crashingly unlikely or perhaps feel like a prison.  Questions begin to arise within around the meaning of life and indeed of anything. Fear of aging combined with fear of not achieving all that one had hoped for added with the pressures of parenting, relationships and work and the melting pot begins to overflow.


The 40s can be seen as the corridor to our 50s.  These years are where we begin the gentle undoing, the unmasking, the unlearning.  We have spent a number of years fuelled by our trusty hormones doing all that has been asked of us. Yes each month we have wobbled, questioned and sometimes screamed that something seems off but we have eventually got back to doing what is needed until another moon arrives.

But during these years we start to take a look in the closets we left firmly locked. Sometimes we open them ourselves and at others they burst open spilling the contents all over lives and forcing us to face what was hidden.

This it the true process of the rite of passage that leads us from our Mothering years to our Wisdom years.  We complete are gathering, clear out that which is no longer serving us and prepare to step into a new stage of life.

This decade long journey is not something to fear but an opportunity to get to know yourself fully, accept yourself unconditionally and prepare for what some believe to be the best years of your life.


We believe that our miscomprehension of what the journey of Menopause actually represents is denying women the chance to prepare themselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for the next major evolution they will take.


In our modern lives and western culture childbirth and raising families has largely been pushed back into the 30s & 40s creating a complicated landscape for women to navigate, particularly for those who find themselves on fertility treatment programs in the 40s.


It is out belief that creating spaces where women can gather together and discuss openly individual stories, share their fear, their grief, their happiness and learn from each other is needed more than ever. 


The Wisdom Moons is an opportunity to experience this for yourself and learn how to facilitate these yoga circles for others. It us a truly unique journey into understanding the journey of Menopause, exploring both the eastern and yogic philosophy.


You will spend three days learning

  • Hormone changes and Glandular Health of Perimenopause and Menopause

  • Physical longevity, bone health and muscle strength before and after menopause

  • Holistic understanding of self care, remedies, fitness, diet and wellbeing to support the body through the physiological changes of perimenopause & menopause

  • Experience daily Kundalini Yoga & Meditations for this season of life

  • Understanding and treating modern menopause ailments avoiding osteoporosis, coping with anxiety, sleep problems and heat and hot flushes. 

  • Learn and recieve a powerful Rite of Passage to support this journey. 

  • Learn meditations, pranayamas, mantras and listen to lectures that give you a depth of understanding and practical tools to support you and others through the wisdom years as a yoga and meditation teacher and womens circle holder.


You will have the opportunity to receive support, understanding and wisdom from other women with important discussions around menopause plus learn how fully embracing this inevitable life transition you have the potential to fulfil your role of wise women, Teacher and Matriarch.

This training can be attended for your own personal experience or to receive certification as a Wisdom Moons Menopause Kundalini Yoga Teacher. You will be invited to complete a 40 day sadhana plus attend the Alchemy of Prosperity Business Mentoring modules and create a 6 week workshop or class program.


This training is delivered live, in real time, during the training sessions held in Brisbane, AEST. As such this is a dynamic and interactive online delivery model. You will be a member of the retreat, from the zoom classroom and will be engaged directly with Sam & Leila throughout the training. For group work you will be paired off with either the teachers or with a member of the online training in a zoom breakout room. This delivery model supports you to feel included and a member of the learning community.

If you are unable to attend any sessions online the recordings will be available 24hrs after the training in the online learning portal. To receive your certifications we ask that you attend most of the classes in real time with us.

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The Wisdom Moons


All prices Inc GST

Certificates can only be issued if course fees are settled in full.


No refunds on online course fees.



Save $100

With the upfront payment discount




Contact us to discuss a payment plan.


Samford Accomodation

Samford Valley is approx 35 minutes from the Brisbane CBD.

Coming from the Brisbane Airport? Catch the train to Ferny Grove Train station and then it's a short Taxi or Uber to your accomodation. Alternatively you can taxi from the airport.

There are a number of mountain retreat stay houses and country cottages within 10 - 20 minute drive from our studio. We have suggested a few here for you to explore and book.

There are also a range of
AirBNB options here

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