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13 Moons Community Meditation for the 6 Year - Meditation for the Arcline

Join with us in 2022 to practice the Meditation for the Arcline. At all of our gatherings and classes we will be practicing this meditation to continue to reinforce the magic this 6 Year and 6th Body (The Arcline) has to support us through our evolution.


Women are so powerfully creative, that whatever we as a woman reflect, shall become. By clearing past traumas from the Heart Center Arcline, we become stronger and more radiant, more able to reflect what we choose to create in our lives. This meditation can help you to realize the true power you have as a woman.


Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine and a light Neck Lock.

Focus: Eyes are closed.


Mudra: Bend your elbows and place them by the sides of your body. Put your hands into fists, and extend the Jupiter and Saturn (index and middle) fingers straight up with the fingertips touching. Hold the Sun and Mercury (ring and pinkie) fingers down with your thumbs.

Bring your hands together in front of your chest, touching the extended fingertips together.

Swing your hands out to the sides with the palms facing forward, with a space of about 24 inches between your hands. The extended fingers of the right and left hands will be at a 45-degree angle.

Swing the arms back and forth in this way, in a sweeping, continuous motion, with no breaks in the movement.

Mantra: Chanting Har out loud and, pulsing the Navel each time the fingertips touch.

Continue for 8mins then Inhale and exhale and move to Part B


Keeping your hands in the same mudra as part 1, raise the right arm straight up in the air, hugging your right ear. The palm faces forward. Bend your left elbow and hold your hand in front of your heart centre, palm facing down, parallel to the ground.

Close your eyes.

Visualise yourself moving your hands exactly the way you did in Part 1. Hold perfectly still and be silent. But continue to move the energy through the naval centre to the rhythm of Tantric Har.

Continue for 3 mins and then inhale deeply contain the energy and apply the locks, exhale.

Then sit in meditation becoming deeply aware of the energy through your Arclines.


About the Arcline and the 6 Year

Your arcline is the band of electromagnetic energy that spans from ear to ear, over the top of your head. This is known as the halo and becomes visible the higher the frequency of your thoughts become and more pure your state of your mind.

We also have a second arcline from nipple to nipple. This is the band of unconditional love for nurturing, compassion and co-creation in the highest order.

The Arcline holds a projective and protective quality. It is through the cultivation of a strong Arcline that we are able to accurately read and know the energy fields around us allowing us to adapt and act appropriately.

The 6 represents our immune system. Our bodies ability to fight off harmful bacteria.

As a collective we can assume this will be a year where the immune system of humanity will be tested…even more. It will also be a year where we must pay particular attention to the Immune system of Mother earth

This will be a year of being called to service. It is a year for considering family, for nurturing your home and having a stronger sense of wanting to be part of a community. It is a year to cultivate a better and kinder relationship with yourself. A year to hone and master your intuition. It is the year that may see you fiercely defending and protecting those you love and also those who you feel called to support.

In the negative aspect it will be important to remain aware of where we are placing trust otherwise we may find ourselves caught up in mistaken ideals and mislead by false information. We must be aware of our energy and make time to sit in a meditative or prayerful way otherwise we may begin to express impatience, poor judgement become too dogmatic in our beliefs.

Self care and immune health our a priority. Take time to notice what compromises your wellness, physical and mental. Make the adjustments to your life that our necessary to support you in maintaining optimum health and vitality.

You will feel called to make a difference somewhere this year.

Your prayers will be the greatest gift you can offer.

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