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The Home Witch School
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Image by Bee Felten-Leidel

Before we were called Witches, we were called Women.

The Home Witch School is a gathering of women on each Solstice, Equinox and Midpoint sabbat's.

A total of 8 each year.

Each gathering will teach you the craft of of the cottage witch. Based on Three Foundations of Spirituality from Druid Mythology Hearth as Alter, Work as Worship and Service as Sacrament. 

Gather with us each Solstice, Equinox and Midpoint occasion and you will learn the art of communing with nature through

  • Everyday Magic - Rituals

  • Prayers, spells, meditations & intentions

  • Making altars & adorning your home with purpose & to create magic

  • Aligning with Nature for the Southern Hemisphere

  • Becoming a medicine woman with food, plants, flowers & herbs

  • Understanding working with the elements - Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Ether

  • How to draw, read and interpret oracle and tarot cards

  • Recognising talismans, animal totems, signs & gifts from nature​


Samford Valley (Sam's private home studio - address supplied when you book) 6.30pm - 8.30pm


Also live-streamed on Zoom from 6.30pm - 8pm with the recording emailed afterwards. Times provided are AEST (Brisbane). *dates may be subject to change.

June 21

Yule ~ Winter Solstice

August 5

Imbolc ~ The Beginning of Spring

September TBC

Ostara ~ Spring Equinox

November TBC

Beltane ~ The Peak of Spring

December TBC

Litha ~ Summer Solstice

February TBC

Lughnasdah ~ Harvest

March TBC

Mabon ~ Autumn Equinox


Samhain ~ The Witches New Year

September 22 Spring Equinox ~ Bookings Closed

Bookings are now closed for upcoming gatherings.
The Home Witch School



The Home Witch School, 13 Moons Womens Temple Kundalini Yoga, Brisbane, Australia

 Women are the cornerstone of community. 

 We are the healers, medicine bringers, carers, we curate the energy in  homes, we bring people together. Our dinner table is the seat of    conversation, therapy, new innovative ideas, the administration of our    household, the place of gathering for celebrations. 

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