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Women need each other.

Women need each other and they have for Ages. For many many thousands of years. That is not unique to the Aquarian Age. Women have always needed each other, and because there is a way of relating, she has a very dense aura, she has a lot of sensitivity. And there’s a lot of gifts that she has that the planet hasn’t necessarily acknowledged yet but is working on coming into.

So women need the support of each other, and when women reach a certain auric frequency together, when they reach a certain energetic frequency together they hold their whole community in that frequency. So it’s like a vehicle that kinds of carries you along or you think of if as women doing something positive together can uplift generations, whereas a woman doing something negative and when she pulls other people into her negative, she can be the downfall of generations. So she can liberate 14 generations of blood relatives, or she can take down her husband and her children, those closest to her.

She’s so so so powerful that the yogis have worked for a long time to convince women of her strength and her gifts. And those gifts were brushed aside and diminished and belittled in the Piscean age, and that just can’t happen any more if want to create the humanity we’re meant to create. She needs to be with other women.

You think of it as everyone is in a boat together, and they’re all going somewhere. But everyone has a job to do. One person has to steer, one person has to hold the sail, one person has to put on the binoculars and guide, one person has to hold the map. They have to do it together, they have to support each other if they want to get to the destination.

~ Guru Jas

International Womens Day, 2022

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