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The Golden Shield Transmissions

A 13 Moons Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Experience that will connect you through the lower and upper triangles of your being for a communion with your cosmic self.

We find ourselves on an unusual trajectory in our every day lives where what we once knew is now just a memory and what we anticipated life to be, now uncertain.

It’s critical that compassionate, heart centred, strong leaders start to emerge from the masses to consciously direct the outcome of our reality so that we can look towards an awakened future where the percentage of humans participating in the co-creation of peace, harmony and freedom outweighs the percentage living in fear, apathy and survival.

When 80% of the World are Meditating, we will all be Free.

Join us for a very special workshop that will super charge your earthly biosphere to enable you to tap into conversations with your higher self and the collective consciousness to become one of these leaders and light bearers.

Afterwards you are invited to join Sam, Leila & the Pilgrim crew for a community supper at El Planta plant-based Mexican Restaurant.

Pilgrim Yoga Studio | Saturday 7 May | 4:00pm – 6:30pm

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