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Moon Chakras & the different facets of You

Moon centres are minor chakras in the body. As a yogi or meditator you’re probably familiar with the 8 major chakras taught in the eastern yoga system. These moon chakras are unique to women and very powerful to understand, not to mention very rarely taught.

Every 2.5 days your psyche and emotions are governed or influenced by a different moon chakra or centre and you cycle through these energy centres 11 times each moon cycle.

This means your emotional drive and subtle psyche changes every 2.5days. When you understand your moon cycle blueprint you’ll realise the optimal times and less than optimal times to approach certain aspects of your life.

There’s 2.5 days where you are

⚡️ hyper-organised and productive

⚡ charming, social and flirtatious

⚡️ articulate and convincing

⚡️ in your personal power

⚡️ analytical and strategic

⚡️ divinely feminine

⚡️ hopelessly romantic

⚡️ open hearted

⚡️ talkative and communicative

⚡️ irrational and unpredictable

⚡️ imaginative and subtle

It is a woman’s ultimate superpower to understand which moon chakra or centre you are in and act accordingly! If you have a job interview or project pitch.. you’ll want to align it to the 2.5 days you are articulate and convincing! If you are in the imaginative and subtle energy centre you’ll want to use this time for creative projects.

Are you having partner relationship challenges or are you dating? It’s going to be powerful for you to know when your social and flirtatious days are and book your date nights accordingly.

We are holding a one day retreat on June 11 to teach you all about your Moon Centres and how to map your unique cycle. Find out more and enrol at

Samford Valley, Brisbane & Online.

Are you interested but can’t attend this date? Let us know and we’ll include you on the wait list for our next offering.

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