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The Moon Diaries - Episode #8

Your weekly lifestyle moon report for the Week Beginning Monday August 1, 2022

Welcome to Episode #8 of the Moon Diaries! Your weekly lifestyle moon report. Published every Monday AEST to support you calibrate your life to the local seasons and cosmic elements of nature. Subscribe to receive your report first thing or join us live in 13 Moons - The Gathering on Facebook each Monday.

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If your moon is in Virgo, Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius you are having a moon birthday this week!

Major Themes

Uranus conjunction the North Node in Taurus peaks and is present all this week. So keep in mind your place in the collective transformation all this week. Find out which house Taurus is in as this aspect can be open to receiving healing. Not sure what this is about? Listen into last weeks Moon Diaries episode (#7) for the full overview.

This week there’s potential to experience great shifts and change.. our food, supplies, energy, freedom.. Also as we are building up to a Full Moon in Aquarius we need to prepare and remain open for unexpected outcomes to the intentions that we are seeding right now.

Keep the Arcline meditations up this week.

Weekly Aspects

Weekly Aspects

Monday 1 August - Moon in Virgo

It’s a 6 day in a 6 year! (1+8+2+0+2+2 = 6) Big for the Arclines and the heart space.

Still in the New Moon dreaming phase and setting intentions in motion.

Beginning whispers of the celebration of Imbolc - the festival of spring

Venus square Chiron in Cancer this week to support you with healing divine feminine and the mother energy in the home.

Tuesday 2 August - Moon in Virgo moves into Libra

VC from 8am - 2pm

Venus Sextile Uranus in Cancer - Eccentricity and freedom and the opportunity to start again.

Wednesday - 3 August Moon in Libra

Mercury day in Libra. Think about communications in your relationships.

Venus Sextile Mars in Cancer - drive, assertiveness and energy.

Thursday - 4 August Moon in Libra moves into Scorpio

Long VC from 4 - 9pm

Jupiter day with Jupiter in retrograde. Really look at what’s in balance.

Friday - 5 August Moon in Scorpio

First Quarter - action and committing to your intentions for the next 7 days

Saturday - 6 August Moon in Scorpio

Saturn day - discipline and action anchored in the depths of Scorpionic energy. Watch the tail of the scorpion.

Sunday - 7 August Moon in Scorpio moves into Sagittarius

11th day of the moon. A beautiful day for meditation and clearing the arclines plus revisiting your 2022 and current intentions.

Today is the "real and actual" day of Imbolc - the celebration and festival of Spring awakening. Imbolc means in the belly of the mother and the flutterings of fertility and the seeds of spring beginning to stir.

Next week

We will be recording on the Lions Gate portal 8•8•2022 and visiting the festival of Imbolc, the rise of Spring and what you can be doing in everyday life to be preparing for Spring.

Many moon blessings, moon women! xx


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