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The Emperors New Clothes - Are you waking up?

We recently shared a 13 Moons podcast about some up coming astrological events. During the episode the fairy tale "The Emperors New Clothes" was referred to.

This story is the perfect analogy for the experience many of us are finding ourselves in. The journey of waking up. Once we wake up and see with clear eyes the illusions of this world it is very hard to continue to turn a blind eye.

It is of course always easy to fall back asleep, press the snooze button and turn the other way. But once an awareness is there it will keep nudging you.

For those of you who may not have had a childhood of English fairytales this is summary of the story...

The Emperor's New Clothes

"Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, there lived an Emperor who was known for his love of fine clothing and fashion. He spent most of his time and wealth on his extravagant wardrobe, constantly seeking new and exquisite garments to adorn himself with. The Emperor would host grand fashion shows and invite renowned designers from across the land to showcase their creations.

One day, two clever and mischievous weavers arrived in the kingdom, claiming to be master weavers capable of creating the most magnificent and extraordinary clothes ever seen. They boasted that their fabric was not only beautiful but also possessed a magical quality that could only be seen by those who were intelligent and worthy of their position.

News of the weavers' extraordinary skills quickly spread throughout the kingdom and reached the Emperor's ears. Intrigued by the possibility of acquiring such unique clothing, the Emperor summoned the weavers to his palace and commissioned them to create a splendid outfit for him.

Excited by the opportunity to deceive the Emperor and the entire kingdom, the weavers set to work. They pretended to weave elaborate patterns and vibrant colors onto their looms, but in reality, they were doing nothing at all. They pretended to work diligently, always speaking of the marvelous fabric they were creating.

As days turned into weeks, the Emperor grew curious to see the progress of his new clothes. He sent his most trusted advisors to inspect the weavers' work and report back to him. However, when the advisors arrived at the weavers' workshop, they were greeted by empty looms. Afraid of being labeled as foolish or incompetent, they pretended to see the intricate patterns and praised the weavers for their extraordinary craftsmanship.

Word spread throughout the kingdom that the weavers were creating the most magnificent clothes, visible only to the wise and intelligent. The Emperor's courtiers and citizens were eager to witness this remarkable fabric for themselves. Everyone pretended to admire the exquisite materials, not wanting to be seen as unworthy or stupid.

Finally, the day of the grand unveiling arrived. The weavers presented the Emperor with his new clothes, carefully draping them over his shoulders. The Emperor, not wanting to appear foolish, gazed at himself in the mirror and pretended to see the extraordinary attire. He marveled at the non-existent fabric, all the while fearing that he was the only one who couldn't see it.

The Emperor, accompanied by his entourage, paraded through the streets of the kingdom, wearing his invisible clothes. The people of the kingdom, wanting to fit in and not be labeled as unintelligent, enthusiastically praised the Emperor's magnificent attire.

But amidst the adulation and applause, a small child stepped forward and exclaimed, "The Emperor is wearing nothing at all!" The words echoed through the crowd, and a hush fell over the kingdom. Slowly, people started to realize that the child was right. The Emperor, caught in his own delusion, blushed with embarrassment.

The truth spread like wildfire, and soon the entire kingdom was laughing at the Emperor's foolishness. The weavers, realizing that their trickery had been exposed, made a hasty escape from the kingdom, never to be seen again.

From that day forward, the Emperor learned a valuable lesson about vanity and the importance of honesty. He became known for his humility and generosity rather than his obsession with clothing, and the kingdom thrived under his wise and just rule.

And so, the tale of the Emperor's new clothes serves as a reminder that sometimes the truth can be spoken by the most innocent among us, and that true wisdom lies not in the perception of others but in being true to oneself."

Our individual journey towards awakening will take many paths. Discernment may be one of the fist steps towards a truly awakened existence.

What beliefs do I have?

Where did they come from?

Are they my beliefs?

Becoming still enough to observe and to practice enquiry can bring about some of the most profound shifts and realisations.

We are so glad you are here with us as we walk together along this path.

Please do share any thoughts you have around this story or the podcast episode we shared.

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