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Samhain in the Southern Hemisphere - The Moon Diaries

In this special Moon Diaries episode we're discussing the shift of autumn and the season of Samhain, how this is a brilliant portal for discovering your 5D abilities and what it means to live in a fifth dimensional way. We are seeing ascension and awakening occurring so much, particularly within our beautiful 13 Moons community and we really want to invite you to keep dropping into your hearts, keep seeking your truth and and continue to question everything!

Tune in to this weeks episode and then if you’re able to join us on Friday evening for the Lunar Eclipse Samhain Online Moon Circle, whereby coming into community for your intentions only amplifies the outcomes.

Sending so much love from the 5D and beyond ✨⭐️✨

Or you can tune into the podcast here!

Some things you can do to support yourself and make the most of this acceleration portal...

  • Find time each day for a daily meditation & journaling or contemplation

  • Pay attention to your dreams, intuition and synchronicities - these are all 5D capacities that will really be lighting up

  • Don't take anything 'unusual' or synchronistic for granted - this is your capacity to start to see through the 3D & 4D planes of materialism and work outside of time and space

  • Talk to people who inspire you or who light you up.. make time for spiritually aligned conversations! Awakenings are accelerated when we're sharing enlightening moments with people we admire and who inspire us.

  • Make sure you view the recording of our Moon Circle to make the most of eclipse season and this portal of Samhain, receive the process and meditations to do in your own time.

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