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The Moon Diaries - Episode #1

Your weekly lifestyle moon report for the Week Beginning Monday June 6, 2022

Welcome to Episode #1 of the Moon Diaries! Your weekly lifestyle moon report. Published every Monday AEST to support you calibrate your life to the local seasons and cosmic elements of nature. Subscribe to receive your report first thing or join us live in 13 Moons - The Gathering on Facebook each Monday.

Major themes right now are

  • We are in the solar season of Gemini

  • Mercury has just gone direct

  • Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius until 23 October. Saturn Entered - Aquarius in 2020 and this is the last Saturn retrograde in Aquarius we will see.

  • 6.6.6 - the super month of the 6 year. Time to charge up the Arclines!

Moon Weekly themes

  • Monday is a Void of Course - do things with out being distracted. Rest if you need to rest. Not a great day to launch anything, but a great day to tick off your to do list.

  • The Moon in Virgo from Monday night to Wednesday - the energy is right to really get things done!

  • Waxing period of the moon - get onto your new moon intentions action plan

  • Thursday Libra & 11th day of the Moon - reaffirm intentions & manifestation (practice Gyan Chakra meditation on Thursday).

  • Friday - Venus day with Libra. A beautiful day to take yourself, your business or your partner on a date. Find balance in relationships.

  • And finally Saturday & Sunday are Scorpio days (Shadow, underworld & intensity) - Venus (the planet of love & Peace) is in Taurus (earthly stability) and conjunct with Uranus (unpredictable and embrace the weird underground, the unknown and welcome electric attractions)

Things to remember

  • Find out your Moon Return!

  • This week it is time to take action your New Moon Intentions

  • Practice Gyan Chakra Kriya again on the 11th day of the Moon to charge up the arclines. Music by Yoga Mantras • Song: Sat Nam Wahe Guru

  • Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday & the next Full Moon Circle is on Monday.

Many moon blessings, moon women! xx


Where you can subscribe to watch us and listen!

13 Moons - The Gathering (Live every Monday)


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