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New Moon in Pisces ~ The oceanic nature of your psyche

In this Pisces New Moon phase your deepest, oceanic nature of your psyche is being awakened. The constellation of Pisces is communicating to you through your subtle bodies, the subtlest of daydreams or nighttime dreaming brings the whispers of what is coming up in you to be healed right now.

Prayer, meditation and deep contemplation is so important right now and the courage to be honest with your souls whisperings.

We have a collective opportunity to witness and transmute collective grief and loss as we witness power structures around the globe failing to serve humanity. If we are to rebuild the new earth and a future for all anchored in peace and harmony we must embrace gathering with likeminded and hearted souls to imagine and build this together.

This moon phase reminds us that we are a part of a very long and very old journey towards freedom, and that our conscious awakened participation is required.

As kundalini yogis we understand the Subtle power of the moon phases and their inherent effect on the human bio system, so during this time eat light clean meals, even fast if it is possible, drink plenty of clean water and observe the subtle, or perhaps not so subtle emotional and watery shifts occurring within your being. This time will pass soon and it is important that the sensitivity to experiencing emotions is embraced as it will serve as a powerful resource for empathy and compassion in the days to come.

So much love, and hopefully see you this evening for our collective moon circle for prayers of peace.

Sam & Leila


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