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Tantric Numerology for February 2022

Welcome to February. What a relief! February has arrived with an entourage of aspects hailing new beginnings and fresh opportunities.

This month begins with the numerological beauty 22222

Let the soul searching begin! These 2s are beckoning you to face your fears. The fears that are stopping you from living the life your soul is yearning. The fears that are keeping you trapped from speaking your mind or actually doing what you want to do. The fear that is more worried about what others might say than the neglect being inflicted by not listening to your own higher self!

Your 2 is on high alert! We have been through A LOT over the last 2/3 years and even if you have managed to protect yourself from the constant barrage of fear being presented and experienced by the collective right now your nervous system is frazzled. The 2 is the second body in tantric numerology which is the Negatibe Mind. The negative mind is our protective mind. It wants to keep us safe from feeling pain and experiencing the same pain we have felt before.

When we sit in such deep 2 energy we are being asked to go within and feel all these fears, name all the negative self talk and deconstruct it so that we can understand why it is there. In doing so, through compassion we begin the gentle climb back to trust.


Do you trust yourself?

Do you trust your thoughts?

Are you using negative self talk?

What are the fears that are holding you back from living the life your higher self keeps asking you to live?


2 is ultimately about relationships.

It is the 2 way mirror. The looking glass that holds answers we are sometimes not ready to see.

All of life is a relay. A relay between you and another. Each of these relays offers you an opportunity to understand yourself better, heal and create all you have ever dreamed of.


Take time today and this month to really look at each of the relationships you experience. Keep a journal and practice self enquiry around how it is you feel in the company of :

Your partner

Your parent

Your teacher

Your boss

Your co worker

Your business partner

Your barista!

Leave no stone unturned.

This simple process will help you to notice where you have been neglecting yourself. Where you have been judging yourself or expecting to much of yourself. Where you need stronger boundaries or parhaps more patience.

It may also show you where you are actually loving yourself and listening too.

If you are walking through your day feeling exhausted, drained, agitated by everyone you meet… ask yourself if you are happy to be with yourself?

Which relationships are offering the experience of joy, fun, connection and contentment?

February always brings with it the loaded pressure of true love… Conscious relationships, Divine partnership, soul commitments.

We expect them to appear in thin air or turn up via an app! The reality is all of these and the many other ideas we hold around “perfect” relationships require work, discipline, commitment, understanding and ultimately trust.

22222 = 10

Let us walk along the path of life with the strength and courage of a spiritual warrior. Let’s us release fear and doubt as we drop into a deeper connection to our soul, to the Divine.

Let us remember that we have and will always belong.


These words are offered to support you and your highest self.

They are offered with kindess and compassion and for the highest good of all.

May any healing that you experience be gentle and kind.

May all beings be happy

May all beings be peaceful

May all beings be free.

With love

Sam x

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