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Tantric Numerology for January 2022

And just like that, it is 2022.

It is time to sit with all your lessons you received from the last 5 year and create a clear projection for this new 6 year. And this month, you do that, by communing with your soul.

January is a 1 month. 1 is the soul number. It signifies connection, oneness, unity it is a reminder of that which has never left us. Each year at this time we pause to ask ourselves what it is our soul truly desires.

Our soul calls us to be accountable and we find ourselves crystal clear, realising the direction we truly need to head.

1 is a humble leader. It asks that you let go of your fear of what others are thinking and trust in the path of your heart. Sometimes doing this can mean we find ourselves walking alone until we remember that by taking this path we are strengthening the most important relationship we will ever have. The relationship with our self and with our soul.

Some years we are way off track still reeling from the partying and over indulging of the previous month or caught up in an over exaggerated story our ego is playing on the wide screen tv of our mind. And some years it all becomes very clear.

To connect with your soul is to realise that you are the universe. Although you're a drop of it gift wrapped as a human being. If you can spend some time meditating on the realisation that your soul and my soul are the same soul, and that our soul is that of the earth's soul, and that our soul is one and the same as the creator of the universe... you can start to get a glimpse into the magnificence of the universe and your place in it. And from this place, what would you do with the rest of your time that you have here?


1st January 2022 held the energy of an 8 (01 . 01. 2022 = 8)

So on the first day of this year we were reminded of the infinite potential and boundless possibilities this 6 year has to offer. It reminds us that we are part of the same Prana that fuels this planet, this world, this universe. I can’t help but feel that moving into this 6 year we should consider our role as guardians here. Would it be fair to say that our own personal energy level, our individual and collective state of wellness could be a reflection of the energy of the planet?

An important question to ask yourself is whether the way you are living, working and loving is making you feel good?

I believe if it is not and you are feeling exhausted, depleted, depressed and lost then that is also going to be reflected back in the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth.

The pandemic we are facing as a human race is but a reflection of the environmental pandemic she too is facing.

This is the year to be accountable to yourself, to your soul and to humanity.

And yes, this does feel big and a little heavy, but a 6 year (2+0+2+2 = 6) asks us to get very clear on our projection. And to be clear, we must get very real and very honest.

As women this year is calling us to step fully into the compassion centre of our Heart Arcline.

This centre which sits across our bosom enables us to provide and care for all. It embodies selflessness, service, kindness, forgiveness and true compassion.

If you are living a shallow, self absorbed life you are going to feel empty, lonely and lost. This year to experience a true sense of fulfilment you will need to be in alignment with your sense of purpose and in service to humanity.

As a side note, being in service to humanity IS raising children and caring for our next generation. Home is always where the work starts. Do not get caught up in thinking you cannot make a difference. Start small. Start somewhere. Look out for your neighbours or a stray animal if you don't have children. There are always women who need the support of other women.



Over the next few days especially as we move into the New Moon energy take time to journal over these questions.

Question 1

Where am I conflicted between what my head is telling me I should do and my heart (and soul) is guiding me to do?

Question 2

Where in my life would I like to feel more Harmony?

Question 3

How could I cultivate more compassion for myself and others?

Question 4

Where do I feel most called to lead as a woman this year?

Question 5

What little steps can I easefully take to support me in achieving my souls calling over this next moon cycle?


Holding a clear vision for this year is so important. We must work together as women to raise the vibration of humanity.

Joining us for one of our New Year Numerology & Intention Setting Workshops will help you to centre your vision.

This year yours prayers are very powerful, Use them wisely. Use them to uplift, inspire and elevate. Join us for a any of our trainings especially our 13 Moons Healer and Meditation Training.

This month you journey is to remember the path your soul brought you here to walk.


These words are offered to support you and your highest self.

They are offered with kindess and compassion and for the highest good of all.

May any healing that you experience be gentle and kind.

May all beings be happy

May all beings be peaceful

May all beings be free.

With love

Sam x

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