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Cleanse and Detox for Immune System Health!

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Cleansing is awesome and there are some simple and effective pre-cleanse steps to take to make the experience easy and enjoyable!

Sam and I have experienced many yogic cleanses.. some that were successful, and others not as much. The ultimate goal is to reduce the stress load on the mind and the body that cleansing is something to "achieve" and therefore when you don't, you've "failed".

Our Cleanse and Detox program gives you all the tools to reset your body and mind as efficiently as possible, so that you feel supported, rejuvenated and clear.

Here is our pre-cleanse checklist to support you in preparing for your cleanse.

And finally the most important element to undertaking a 7 day cleanse is COMMUNITY! Doing a cleanse is so much better with likeminded souls. There is an loving energy that supports you as well a safe place to voice your fears, challenges and resistance. We've also learned over the years that uniting with group yoga and meditations support you to remain inspired!

You can take our spring and summer cleanse for 3, 7 or 40 days!

It will support you in cleansing the liver, alkalising the blood, detoxing stress hormones, clearing the skin, brightening the mind and lifting your mood!

Includes e-Book with daily recipes, rituals, meditations, a spring Tarot + Oracle spread and daily inspiration & journal prompts - and lots more!

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