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What is Stress & Anxiety?

Updated: May 16, 2023

Stress occurs when our nervous system enters a heightened state of arousal triggered by worries. When we don't take the time to address our worries, we let them compound. Our ancient survival mechanism 'Fight or Flight' kicks in and, problematically, many of us a living in this state not realising it's not normal to be feeling stressed.

Step One: Address the worry with mindfulness, yoga & meditation. A daily practice to sort out what you're worried about and to put in place mechanisms to deal with the problem.

Step Two: regular weekly or daily kundalini yoga & meditation practices designed to fortify the nervous system, deal with the neurotic thoughts and beliefs and neutralise radical adrenaline and cortisol in the body causing the state of fight or flight to remain.

Anxiety occurs when we don't sort out the reason we are in stress and we've remained in fight or flight for many days, months, or years. We are fighting or flighting our emails, our jobs, our responsibilities, our debt, our children's education, our own education, the repercussions from our choices, our credit cards, our phones, social media... the stresses of modern life goes on.. and on.. and on.

Step three: step away from life to address the lifestyles, habits and addictions which have formed as coping mechanisms for the stress and anxiety.

At some point if you don't address the worries, stress or the anxiety your health and your wellbeing will give and a handbrake will be pulled on your life. Stress is the modern epidemic and is at the root of so many illnesses. It's our wish that you consider your worries and your stress and take the time out from life to address them.


2023 Kundalini Restorative Retreat in Samford Valley, Brisbane

Join us for one or two days in our Kundalini Restorative retreat to do not only this, but to learn tools and skills to move forwards in our modern stressful lives with nervous system fortification, vitality and optimal wellbeing. Are you a yoga teacher? This training will qualify you as a restorative yoga teacher to support and work with your students suffering with stress.

Friday & Saturday May 19 & 20

Day One: Deep Rest Restorative Retreat + Self help tools to apply at home for your own restorative care

Day two: Learn how to work 1:1 with others and hold restorative yoga classes.

Enrolments & full details via the link in our bio at

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