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The Moon Diaries - Episode #5

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Your weekly lifestyle moon report for the Week Beginning Monday July 4, 2022

Welcome to Episode #5 of the Moon Diaries! Your weekly lifestyle moon report. Published every Monday AEST to support you calibrate your life to the local seasons and cosmic elements of nature. Subscribe to receive your report first thing or join us live in 13 Moons - The Gathering on Facebook each Monday.

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If your moon is in Virgo, Libra or Scorpio you are having a moon birthday this week!

Major Themes for the week

  • First Quarter New Moon Energy: Productivity & Bringing through your intentions for this cycle.

  • Sirius Gateway July 3 - 7

  • High density solar winds and a double the amount of electromagnetic particles reaching us than usual. High quantity of solar plasma disrupting your electromagnetic field.

  • K2 Comet is coming next week which has the ability to bring up the 'dust that's been hiding under the rug.'

  • We are preparing for the super full moon in Capricorn next week.

Weekly Aspects

Monday 4 - Moon in Virgo

Monday is Moon day! Sirius Gateway peaks over July 4 & 5 - This gateway of energy occurs as the Sun comes into conjunction with the star Sirius. Sirius has long been revered by many ancient cultures and is considered our Spiritual Sun. Starseeds can feel a resonance to Sirius and many believe it is home to an advanced civilisation that has a hand in the evolution of the human race. During this time the frequency of the light codes from Sirius can accelerate your spiritual development and is a great time to focus on this.

Mars goes into Taurus (from Aries - war v war) less flighty and more grounded taking roots of embodied action.

Tuesday 5 - Moon in Virgo

Mars day - great day to tick off the list for the New Moon Intentions.

Mercury moves from Gemini and into Cancer - less gossipy and more personal and emotive.

Wednesday 6 - Moon moves into Libra

Mercury day - going from virgo into Libra. Libra is about relationships and a great day to consider what your new moon intentions around your relationships and today will be a great day to action this. Do you have to call your mum? Do you need to apologise to your husband.. was there someone you need to reach out to? Great day to catch up on emails, unsubscribe from mailing lists and tidy up your inbox.

Thursday 7 - Moon in Libra

First Quarter on Thursday - action and commitment! Momentum is high for your intentions. Expanded by Jupiter today to get more done than usual. Make the most of today!

Friday 8 - Moon in Libra, moves into Scorpio

Extra long Void from 11am - 3pm as the moon shifts into Scorpio on Venus day. Good night to go ‘shadowy’. Have a naughty date night.

Saturday 9- Moon in Scorpio

11th day of the Moon - a day to recommit to our intentions ready for the full moon next Thursday. Saturn day - make the most of the discipline of today! This could technically become the beginning of your work week.

Sunday 10 - Moon in Scorpio, moves into Sagittarius

Void of course in the afternoon - a good time to get things done and then the moon moves into adventurous Sagittarius in the evening.

Many moon blessings, moon women! xx


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More Information on

Solar Plasma Pam Youngans - Astrologer talks about Solar Plasma here

Sirius Gateway Forever Conscious talks about the Sirius Gateway here

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