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The Moon Diaries - Episode #3

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Your weekly lifestyle moon report for the Week Beginning Monday June 20, 2022

Welcome to Episode #2 of the Moon Diaries! Your weekly lifestyle moon report. Published every Monday AEST to support you calibrate your life to the local seasons and cosmic elements of nature. Subscribe to receive your report first thing or join us live in 13 Moons - The Gathering on Facebook each Monday.

Major Themes for this week

  • Solstice Week! Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere and Summer in the North. In the southern we are experiencing the rebirth point of the shortest day of light and the longest night. The moon will transition through Pisces and into the beginning of the zodiac in Aries mid solstice.

  • We are in waning moon phase this week and the decent into the Venus Gateway activation for the Sacral Chakra on Friday.

Moon Weekly Themes

  • Monday 20 - the moon is in Pisces a deeply reflective, and possibly emotional moon day. The best day for gratitude practices

  • Tuesday 21 - Winter Solstice, the moon shifts into Aries, the Sun moves into Cancer, the moon also shifts to the third quarter at 1:11pm. The day of Mars and we can apply the fire energy of Mars and Aries to call on that which we are set to release for the rebirth of Solstice

  • Wednesday 22 - moon in Aries

  • Thursday 23 - moon shifts into Taurus and a rare astrological event with 5 major planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn & Jupiter) lining up and visible in the early morning sky, about 30 minutes before sunrise.

  • Friday 24 - moon enters Taurus on Venus day. A great day to get into the garden and enjoy nature and the pleasure of 'work' in the garden to create something beautiful.

  • Saturday 25 - moon in Taurus Saturn Day.

  • Sunday 26 - moon shifts into Gemini Venus Gateway activating the Sacral Chakra

Things to remember

Catch the solstice sunrise or sunset for the optimal light activations. And spend the morning in the bath if possible - bath ritual here!

Winter Solstice gathering on Tuesday evening available online or in person. Book here

Set your alarm early to wake up on Thursday morning for the 5 planet alignment! This wont happen again until 2040!

Dream, journal and imagine the future that is coming after this rebirth point. We are preparing for the dark of the moon early next week so where possible spend time in nature to support your nervous system to rest.

Many moon blessings, moon women! xx


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Winter Solstice Bath

Winter Solstice Psychic Bath

This eve of the solstice with the energy of a Pisces Moon and the releasing energy of its waning nature we are afforded an opportunity for deep reflection and connection to our psychic capacity.

As the wheel of the year turns and we drop fully into the darkness before remembering the promise of light that will follow we find ourselves searching for signs and messages of what is to come.

Make time this evening or tomorrow to pour yourself this bath and journal your gratitudes for the last 6 months followed by allowing yourself to channel wisdom and guidance for the next.

Sage your bathroom. Ask for all energies that are not in alignment with your highest good to depart. Welcome spirits, guides and guardians who can support your channeling and psychic attunement.

Begin running the bath.

Add epsom salts and Himalayan sea salt.

Choose from the following oils adding a few drops of those that you feel drawn to.

Lilac Oil— See past lives, induces clairvoyant powers.

Lemongrass— Aids psychic powers. Placing on your forehead whilst bathing may help you to make contact with spirits.

Mimosa— For night-time baths, it unlocks the door to your psychic mind.

Juniper— Used for psychic protection and purification.

Magnolia— Excellent for meditation and psychic development , peace and harmony.

Nutmeg— Promotes visions and expands consciousness.

Add the oils and any flowers or foliage you feel drawn to.

Mix in a figure of 8 holding a neutral but open mind.

Light a candle and place it on the side.

Step into the bath.

Submerge yourself, close your eyes and breath.

Gently open your eyes and gaze at the candle.

Imagine, feel or see the reflection of the flame at your third eye.

Meditate here for as long as feels comfortable, become aware of any messages, words, pictures that appear to you.

Open yourself to receiving guidance and wisdom.

When you feel complete unplug the bath and allow the water to drain away. Relax and allow all that is meant to go to go…

Save the last bit of water and any flowers. Return this to nature with gratitude once your are dressed.

And now go to bed and prepare to dream….

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Jun 21, 2022

Love this bath ritual xx



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