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New Moon Oracle {Aquarius SA / Pisces TA}

This new moon you’re given a glimpse into the future.. the Aquarian vision of the destined potential of the humanity you desire.. with the embodied qualities of Pisces… anciently sophisticated, psychically connected, grandparent of the zodiac. What an interesting view as we leave the age of Pieces and come into the age of Aquarius. As we feel the need to abandon “Piscean” for “Aquarian”… perhaps we can forgive our 2500 year old past and realise it’s all a part of the tapestry of humanity…

Our New Moon oracle for this New Moon 🌚♓️♒️

The Rose Thread + The Hanged Man

Inner call, soul led, the mystic, living courageously and surrender to be where you are right now.

The Holy Grail + 7 of Blades

Stop the endless searching. Inner quest. Stop sneaking around the truth.

Grandmothers + Queen of Blades

Remember your roots, perspective, trust the weaving. Find your way without help from others. You have everything you need.

Plant Yourself Here + The World

Integration, embodiment, grounded action. Plant yourself in the World. Associated with Saturn and the Hanged Man, The Earth in the tarot is reaffirming your message of the cosmic synchronicity now. Pay attention, feel the wisdom and go with the flow xx

🐘 Ganesh

Remover of Obstacles and clear path ahead. Your Aura. The collective guide for this, 7 year. 🪷

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