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Lions Gate & The Heliacle Rising of Sirius

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

The Sirius Star System was revered by the ancients as the Great Spiritual Sun to earthlings and is believed to be one component that gave birth to divine conscious life on earth during the times of Lumeria and Atlantis. It is said that the starlight from Sirius activates the higher capacities of the human being through light codes that speak to our ancient DNA inspiring us to awaken to our higher capacities of the three fold flame - Divine Wisdom, Divine Power & Divine Love. And it is this three fold flame anchored in the physical form of the human being that is the greatest mystery to the entire universe; of which many galactic beings have pledged to protect and to guide to it’s full awakening and capacity. Resulting in the new earth or heaven on earth.

The Lions Gate is a portal of time where such awakenings start to occur. It is a portal where our great spiritual sun Sirius aligns with our local Sun and the Earth in the sign of Leo sending higher frequencies of light codes from the spiritual star. The first major landmark of this portal occurs on the 8 • 8 date saturating our suns light with advanced light codes from Sirius and filtering them through the fourth dimensional tapestry of the 8 • 8 numerology of the infinite potential of eternity.

It's on this date that we meditate on the opening of the physical body through the heart, third eye chakras and soul star chakra to filter the supreme light codes for the awakening of the ancient divinity that you hold.

The second anchoring marker of this portal is what the ancient Egyptians refer to as the Heliacle Rising of Sirius and was celebrated as the star Sirius reappeared on the eastern horizon after disappearing into the underworld, or beneath the horizon for a period of time. The reappearance of Sirius occurred at the same time as our Sun and is visible just on dawn where a union of higher vibrational frequency of light codes is offered to earthlings.

For the Egyptians, this rising coincided with the flooding of the Nile, which was a great time of celebration and ritual as the floods delivered the fertilisation to the soil of the desert that would allow the next seasons agriculture to flourish and ultimately the wealth and power of Egypt to thrive.

Consequentially the Lions Gate portal is also aligned with abundance, wisdom and prosperity.

In the time of the pharaohs the rising of Sirius occurred in late July, however due to the shifting of our great solar planets due to the procession of the equinoxes, this astrological event now occurs around the 8 / 8 portal. This year (2021) the helical rising of Sirius will occur on August 11.

Interestingly, it is said that it was the last surviving Atlanteans who delivered the technology of agriculture to the desert dwelling Egyptians, but that is a story for another time.



8 is the number of infinity. As such the Lions Gate each year opens a portal of infinite possibility. It holds the power of pranic energy, the life force within all living things. It opens a doorway to profound healing opportunities for us individually, as a collective and also for our world and our universe. This is a time that we during which we will experience fearlessness affording us the opportunity to explore new possibilities not within this limited finite realm but within the quantum field.

Through our yogic practices (which we can use to regulate our Vagus nerve) we are able to create a rhythm within us that activates the One-Star or Ik Tar within us.

The energy of the Sirius Sun can be channelled (via the vagus nerve) through our heart, through our third eye to the crown chakra. This Ik Tar or in sanskrit Hrydayam can be translated as ‘the experience of deep expansion through the light of ones heart.’

The Lions Gate portal over the 8th of August or 8 • 8 can be symbolised as two 8s layed over each other representing a 4 petaled flower. To the Aztecs 4 petaled flowers were a symbol of, All Life, Wholeness, Beauty, Fragrance, Bounty, Harvest, and Union.

"The city of Teotihuacan was built over two thousand years ago. Around 800 A.D. the Teotihuacanos vacated it, although no one really knows why or where they went. When the Toltecs arrived, they considered it a holy place. Centuries later, the Aztecs found Teo in ruins. They acknowledged its greatness and were the ones who named it Teotihuacan. This word, roughly translated from Nahuatl, their native language, might mean – the place where man becomes god.

The Aztecs named the pyramids as the Sun and Moon based on their cosmology and named the north/south passageway through the city the Avenue of the Dead, as they assumed that the completely overgrown temples along this thoroughfare must have been burial mounds.

Underneath the very centre of what has become known as the Pyramid of the Sun is a natural cave. About one thousand years before the pyramid was built on top of it, (three thousand years ago!!) the cave was carved by hand into the shape of a four petaled flower. This symbol, the four petaled flower, is the center of not only the pyramid, but the entire complex of Teotihuacan"




Diamonds, Gold, Moldavite which all hold the energy of 8


Interestingly the complete date of 8/8/2021 = 3

3 is basically the push pull of good and evil. Which during this time in our planets evolution seems to be mirroring perfectly our struggle with who is right and who is wrong!

The concept of good and evil is a very Judao Christian based view that has imprisoned us successfully for too long.

We are on the cusp of a massive shift in human consciousness where many previously sleeping humans are waking up, are feeling connected, are starting to wonder if this is really it.

This years Lionsgate has the potential to expand this consciousness, infinitely. The 3 energy does not like to be boxed in, does not like to be told what to do or who to be. It would not be unwise to assume we are heading for an even greater rising of consciousness.

Spend time considering where your thinking has been boxed.

There has been a collective sense (and with the recent lockdowns a very real sense) of feeling like caged Tigers (or indeed this weekend Lions). Pacing up and down and not really knowing what it is we are waiting for.

It is time to realise that there is no “where“ for us to get to. There is nothing to achieve, win, finish, buy that will bring you the sense of satisfaction you so deeply desire. The answer is to learn how we uncage ourselves. This is what the ancients mastered through this magic portal. The answers are within each and everyone of us, within the infinite portal of our heart space, through our One Star.

From here separation is experienced no more, judgement is gone and our energy, our applied intelligence can finally merge.

We are able to return to Atlantis.

Written by Leila McKail and Sam Lindsay-German


Join us on August 8, 2021 for an online 13 Moons Womens Temple meditation ritual under the DNA activating Sirian light codes of the Lions Gate portal.

For 13 Moons Healer Trainees this ritual forms part of your Meditation Teacher Training .

This event is a free online offering via zoom. Please contact us for the zoom link.

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Unknown member
Aug 08, 2021

I would like the zoom link please for lions gate activation


Unknown member
Aug 07, 2021

Hi I’m interested in joining the zoom for the lionsgate meditation tomorrow night please

Leila McKail
Leila McKail
Aug 07, 2021
Replying to

HI Julie! I have sent you the zoom details on Facebook. Hope to see you at the meditation. Leila x


Elaina Massie
Elaina Massie
Aug 06, 2021


Im interested in joining the zoom Lionsgate. How long is it on for please do I can reshedule another zoom call please

Leila McKail
Leila McKail
Aug 07, 2021
Replying to

Hi Elaina! Looking forward to seeing you in the morning xx



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