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Leo Full Moon Community Oracle Reading

FULL MOON COMMUNITY ORACLE 🌕 Beautiful messages from the Oracle last night in our online Moon Circle. These messages are for you, our extended community to be inspired and uplifted during this Full Moon phase.

Draw One - What is the key message this cycle?

✨ Trust The Seasons & The King of Coins: We enter this reading with the undertone to trust in change and recognise the cycles - sa ta na ma - creation, life, completion and rebirth. Supported by the King of Coins - Lead by Example, stay steady and maintain a realistic frame of mind.

Draw Two - What are you celebrating this full moon?

✨ The Bloom & The Star: Your creations are becoming realised this cycle! It is time to Harvest & Celebrate. Shine bright and realise challenges will move into the past - there is hope.

Draw Three - What are you surrendering that didn't come to light this cycle?

✨ The Rose Garden & The Knight of Rods: Be gentle with yourself and tend to the tidying and weeding of the garden. Find fun and pleasure in the mundane tasks, remember to approach tasks with a positive attitude.

Draw Four - What is the overarching message on this full moon

✨ The Bud: Potential, Promise, It's about to happen, keep going! The Page of Blades - logical disposition will help set aside emotion. Move forwards with curiosity and the ability to navigate your problems by asking questions and meditating on the answers.

Full moon blessings beautiful people ✨🌕


To experience the full reading join our Online Moon Circles for $11/month or $99 for the year and watch the recording of the circle from this Full Moon Circle. Includes kundalini meditations and a beautiful intention process to support your journey into 2023.

So much love xx

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