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2023 Community Oracle Reading

We received this reading from the oracle in our Online Full Moon Circle on Friday night. We asked for messages to support us all entering into the new calendar year. We hope you are able to find some hope and awe from the magic the oracle and the tarot offer this year.

Draw One: Council of Light, The Two of Rods & Strength

There is Divine Orchestration playing out and we are supported from our guide in the subtle realms. The tarot reminds us to draw on courage in the face of adversity and the most effective form of power is a quiet resolve and a calm demeanour. The two of rods reminds you that instinct and thinking outside of the box is the highest form of self-leadership at this time.

Draw Two: Get Grounded & The High Priestess

The divine feminine is weighing in this year to remind all empaths, energy workers and those who are highly sensitive to connect with nature to remain grounded. Also, if you want to connect to empathy and energy, look to nature to increase your sensitivities. The High Priestess corresponds to the Moon and is reminding you to embark or remain on your spiritual quest.

Draw Three: Break the Chain & the Queen of Blades

The divine feminine archetype in this reading is so powerful with the High Priestess and the Queen of Blades / Swords present. Ancestral healing and breaking old patterns holding the feminine hostage can be shifted and with Royal Courage we are re-writing the future.

Draw Four: Dance with Life and the Four of Rods

Charge your energy with fun! Dancing! Life! Love life and have fun. The Four of Rods wants you to celebrate and count your blessings. There is success, harmony, hope and celebration in the air this year.


To experience the full reading join our Online Moon Circles for $11/month or $99 for the year and watch the recording of the circle from Friday's Full Moon Circle. Includes kundalini meditations and a beautiful intention process to support your journey into 2023.

Our New Moon Circle marks the true start to the year on January 22. We hope to see you there.

So much love xx

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