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A Woman's Meditation for Success in Life

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Meditation to Increase Intelligence - also known as the Meditation to Balance Saturn & Jupiter Energies.

This is an awesome kundalini yoga meditation that increases the velocity of the capacity in the brain and increases intelligence. This is also a powerful technique useful for treating depression, focusing the mind, and eliminating self-destructive behaviour.

Since we are using the Jupiter and Saturn Fingers this is also known as the Meditation to Balance Saturn and Jupiter Energies. Saturn is the Ruler, the bringer of order and structure. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. It is expansion, big thinking, power, wealth, achievement and success.


Sit with a straight spine. The hands are facing forward with the ends of the Jupiter (index) and Saturn (middle) fingers pointing straight up near the sides of the body at the level of the eye. Close the ring and little fingers down to the palm using the thumbs. The Jupiter finger and the Saturn finger are spread open in a “V” shape (or closed). The eyes are closed.

For 8 minutes open and close the Jupiter and Saturn fingers approximately once per second or two. Simultaneously imagine the planets of Jupiter and Saturn coming together in front of you and then again going apart in synch with the finger movement. The planets should appear to go back and forth along a straight line, in and out to the sides in front of you. It does not matter whether you visualise Jupiter or Saturn on the left or right side. Continue this movement (imagery) for 8 minutes.

Then, while continuing exactly the same exercise, now begin to inhale and exhale through the nose with the movement (inhale as fingers are spread, exhale as fingers close). Continue this part for 2 minutes.

Then for the last minute spread the two fingers wide and hold them wide apart (which requires some effort) while making the mouth in to an “O” shape and breath in and out of the mouth only using the diaphragm (not the upper chest wall).

After 1 minute inhale, hold the breath in, and tense every muscle tightly (including the hands, fingers—everything) in the body for 10 seconds, exhale and repeat one time for 10 seconds. Relax.

Effects of the meditation

The mind becomes focused and clear, the brain becomes energised. This technique will help eliminate depression. This meditation is said to help increase a person’s intelligence (help enhance math skills) when practiced daily over several months. Also, when the Jupiter and Saturn energies are coordinated/balanced, a person is less likely to engage in self-destructive behaviour. And in addition, when the Jupiter and Saturn energies (functional brain region areas related to the index and middle finger, respectively) are balanced, this helps an individual to overcome challenges.


We love the Ant Na Siftee track from White Sun. The tempo of this recording is perfect to help you keep a steady pace and deeply focussed on the meditation.

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