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Kundalini Yoga for a New Moon

Why is it important for us to practice on a New Moon?

This is the day that the Sun and the Moon come together in the same place in the sky. It is a time of new beginnings. It is a time to plant seeds. It is the time to let go of the old in order to bring in the new.

On a new moon and over the couple of days that follow it is a powerful practice to make a list of what you want and what you don’t want in your life.

Make space to ask yourself what you want to transform and what you want to achieve.

Put your wishes your intentions out into the universe. Offer them to the Divine.

The doorway to possibility is open.

The following is a practice that can be used to support this process on a New Moon or at any time that you want to spend time looking underneath the rocks in your life and really getting truthful about what you are ready to release and what it is you wish to invite.

Self inquiry is a powerful practice but in order to get to the depths of true inner emotions it can be helpful to move through postures such as the ones in the Kriya below.Find your spot and sit with yourself for a moment.

Tune in using the mantra 'Ong Namo Gur Dev Namo', repeat three times.

To begin your practice do 3 minutes of Fists of Anger.

1. Mudra

Touch each thumb to the base of the Mercury (pinky) fingers. Close the rest of the fingers over the thumbs to form fists. Raising the arms, begin a backstroke type movement over the head, alternating each side (right/left) as you swing up, over and back around again.

2. Breath

Through O-shaped mouth, begin strong, rhythmic inhale/exhale in sync with arm movements.

3. Posture

Sit in Rock or Easy Pose, with light jalandhar bandh (neck lock). Eyes are closed.

The mudra, movement and breathing are continuous and strong.

Intentionally think about anything and everything that makes you angry. Continue this focus on bringing up the anger throughout the meditation, increasing the movement and breath.

To finish interlock the fingers, stretch the arms up over head, palms facing up, deep inhale through the O mouth repeat this final breath 3 times.


Now sit and be still. If you would like use a journal or just sit with your thoughts. Pick up the stones in your life and look underneath. What are you ready to face?

What are you ready to release or let go of.

The areas that feel more challenging to sit with are the areas to contemplate as you move through this Kriya.


Outward Bound Kriya

"A woman needs one to two hours of tough exercise each day in order to be as productive as a man. Every 72 hours the cells change, but in the case of a woman, it needs to be accelerated or stimulated to do so. By nature, a woman in her child-bearing capacity, is very inward. To remain outward, she is required to exercise. You must exercise in a way that stimulates all parts of you. To keep your body young and healthy is your challenge. It cannot be done by make up. It can only be done by intensive exercise. The principle of life is to meditate in the evening, and to exercise a least one hour every day." ~ Yogi Bhajan ~

Use these words to motivate you especially if they pressed your buttons, as you work through this kriya and get your glands back in shape....the glands are at a low ebb at this time which is why we feel so tired.

1. Leg Lift Variation

Lie flat on the the back. Lift one leg to 90 degrees. Keeping it raised, lift the other leg up to 45 degrees. bring them both down at the same time. Switch legs and repeat.

Continue for 11mins.

2. Plow Pose

Lie flat with hands extended over the head on the ground. Raise the legs up over the head, and bring them back down.

Continue for 52 repetitions.

3. Frog Pose Variation

Begin in Frog Pose, squatting with both hands touching the ground in front. As you extend the hips up, bring the left hand to the heart. Then settle back down in Frog Pose, both hands on the ground. Extend up again and bring the right hand to the heart and then squat down, both hands back on the ground. Alternate. The heels remain off the ground. Continue in a brisk fashion.

Continue for 54 repetitions.

4. Forward Bends

Standing up, inhale and reach the arms up to the sky. Exhale, bend over at the waist and touch the ground.

Continue for 54 repetitions.

5. Front Stretch Variation

Sit with the legs stretched out in front. Lengthening the spine, grab the feet, bending forward from the navel, bringing the torso toward the knees. Hold this posture and roll the neck around in a circle.

Continue for 52 circles.

6. Bow Pose

Lying flat on the stomach, reach back and grab the ankles. Inhale and stretch upwards into Bow Pose, arching the head back. Exhale and relax the thighs and head down to the ground. Breathe powerfully.

Continue for 72 repetitions.

7. Deep Relaxation

Lie flat on the back and relax the entire body.


Meditation to Reclaim Happiness

This meditation opens the heart center and creates feelings of positivity. The mudra represents blessings and prosperity and is said to have been used by both Jesus and Buddha. The mantra is a reflection on your true self.

As you prepare to practice sit quietly for a moment and write down or contemplate your intentions, dreams and visions for this next moon cycle. Hold here thoughts as you meditate.

1. Mantra: Sa Ta Na Ma

Sa -Birth

Ta - Life

Na - Death or change

Ma - Rebirth

This mantra represents the cycle of life. It is the bij mantra, or seed mantra, a form of the mantra “Sat Nam”. This mantra increases intuition, balances the brain and creates personal destiny. The awareness of truth, intuitive guidance, balance, clarity and destiny this mantra brings allows true happiness emerge from within.

2. Posture and Mudra

Sit in easy pose with a straight spine.

Curl the ring and little fingers into the palm and use the thumb to hold them down. Keep your other two fingers straight and point them up, leaving your palms facing forward. Your elbows are down by your side and your palms are near your shoulders. Bring the forearms and hands forward 30 degrees. Press the shoulders and elbows back firmly but comfortably. Close your eyes and focus them at the brow point.

3. Breath

Breathe slow, deep and steady. Mentally pulse the sounds Sa Ta Na Ma rhythmically from the brow point out to Infinity.

4. Time 11 minutes.

5. To End

Inhale deeply and exhale three times. Open and close the fists several times, then relax.

After you have finished enjoy a deep Savasana. I am sorry not to be with you to play the gong and massage your head but just allow all the healing energy you have created for yourself to move through your body....

Stay here for at least 3 mins...

Before you tune out re visit your writing and affirm it. Offer it in prayer to the divine and let it go. If it is for your higher good it will come.

Tune out with the mantra Sat Nam.

Shared with love, Kindness and deepest blessings

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