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Beltane Ritual

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Beltane is the point between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice and is a festival to celebrate sensuality, fertility, bounty and abundance. In the ancient Celtic tradition, Beltane was a night of unchecked promiscuity and sexuality - a festive night of bonfires, pleasure and loving union ❤️

In the northern hemisphere it is Samhain and halloween, as Fall (Autumn) returns.

Celebrating Beltane traditionally involves fire rituals, pleasure and honouring the fertility of spring and summer.

Here is a Beltane prayer and ritual you can do at home to mark this delightfully playful season!

Ritual & Jumping the Fire

Jumping the fire is a sacred ritual and tradition.

Take a green candle. Write on the candle what it is you wish to experience an abundance of and where in your life you wish to bring the energy of fertility, creativity, freedom and pleasure.

Wrap a ribbon around your candle

Light it, say this prayer and you can even sensually dance around the candle light.

You can make a personal prayer or intention and then when the candle gets low Jump over it.

Beltane Prayer

Bless, O threefold true and bountiful, Myself, my spouse, my children.

Bless everything within my dwelling and in my possession,

Bless the kine and crops, the flocks and corn,

From Samhain Eve to Beltane Eve,

With goodly progress and gentle blessing,

From sea to sea, and every river mouth,From wave to wave, and base of waterfall.

Be the Maiden, Mother, and Crone,

Taking possession of all to me belonging.

Be the Horned God, the Wild Spirit of the Forest,

Protecting me in truth and honor.

Satisfy my soul and shield my loved ones,

Blessing every thing and every one,

All my land and my surroundings.

Great gods who create and bring life to all,

I ask for your blessings on this day of fire.

And so it is.

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