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Meditating on Love, Peace and Light

This is a a beautiful practice that can bring deep harmony and healing to yourself, your home and your community.

It is especially powerful to be used in conjunction to particular events such as Equinoxes or Solstices.

Opening the Sacred Space

- Begin by finding a quiet and peaceful space where you won't be disturbed.

- Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and let go of any tension or distractions.

- You may choose to chant the Adi Mantra here.

- Surround yourself with the vibrations of love, peace, and light. You can visualise a warm, radiant light radiating from your heart and enveloping you, filling you with these qualities.

- Verbally recite this prayer with sincerity and intention. You can say it out loud or in a soft, gentle tone.

"I surround myself with the vibration of love, peace, and light.

I send this energy, now residing in me, into my immediate surroundings.

I include all people, known and unknown, in this loving light,

Embracing the entire universe with its stars, the Sun, and the Moon

I allow these positive vibrations to penetrate my parents, children, siblings,

Friends, godchildren, nieces, nephews, home, and pets,

Regardless of their behavior, and what they do or do not give me.

I let this vibratory energy infiltrate all that I tend and care for,

All that I love most deeply.

I think about the troubled areas of our world where unknown and

known faces suffer.

As I extend the energy of love, peace, and light to all,

I become aware of the feeling of love, peace, and light entering my heart

And expanding into a tingling, uplifting presence.

Now, I shift my thoughts and focus on my heart itself,

Embracing its feeling of expansion, love, peace, and light."

- Take a moment to silently reflect on the sensations and emotions you are experiencing. Allow the love, peace, and light to fill your heart and radiate outward.

Whether you choose to recite the prayer verbally or silently, the key is to do so with a sincere and open heart, allowing the positive vibrations to flow and touch both your inner world and the world around you.

Now begin to chant or recite the Prayer for Love, Peace and Light using your hands and arms in the following way.

Love before me - Extend arms palms up our in front of you.

Love behind me - Take the arms and palms and reach behind you.

Love at my left - Open your arms to your left.

Love at my right - Open arms to your right.

Love above me - Sweep your arms through your side body up to the heavens.

Love below me - Sweep them doen to the earth.

Love unto me - Bring your hands to your heart.

Love in my surroundings - Open hands from heart and circle around yourself.

Love to all - Gesture the hands outwards.

Love to the Universe - Gesture the hands to the sky.

Repeat as above for all verses. Continue for 11 minutes or longer.

Self Healing Sun Meditation

In addition to the above healing ritual, you may also do the Prayer of Love, Peace and Light as an exercise to benefit your health. Touch your thumb to the tip of your ring or Sun finger in order to tap into the healing and revitalising Light of the Sun. On the inhaled breath, silently recite the Love part of the prayer. Next, hold the breath as you silently recite the Peace part of the prayer. Finally, on the exhaled breath, silently recite the Light part of the prayer. By doing this meditation before 10 AM, with your back facing the renewing rays of the Sun, you will increase its healing benefits. You can always do it at any time.

Work with the breath as a platform, as it will strengthen and rejuvenate you. By performing this powerful healing exercise you will fix the heavenly energies of Love, Peace and Light into every cell of your body. The words of this prayer hold the Divine energies of the Heavens within them. All healing comes from Love. All darkness is dispelled by Light. Peace brings the serenity and centeredness that allows one to gracefully face the ups and downs of life.

The Prayer of Light

Love before me Love behind me Love at my left Love at my right Love above me Love below me Love unto me Love in my surroundings Love to all Love to the Universe

Peace before me Peace behind me Peace at my left Peace at my right Peace above me Peace below me Peace unto me Peace in my surroundings Peace to all Peace to the Universe

Light before me Light behind me Light at my left Light at my right Light above me Light below me Light unto me Light in my surroundings Light to all Light to the Universe

This prayer process has been adapted from an orignal process created by

Dr Joseph Micheal Levy.

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