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Understanding the Spring Equinox through Numerology

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Over the last few months I have been paying more attention to the daily numerology for certain days. It has been one of the tools I have used to craft my classes and it has been wonderfully accurate.

When I looked at the Numerology for The Spring Equinox which is tomorrow here in Australia I knew it was time to start sharing what I am seeing in the numbers.

This years spring Equinox has a Soul of 5, a Karma of 9, a gift of 3, a Challenge of 5 and a Path of 10.

As a collective we are not only feeling our physical body but we are fearing it. We have lost trust in our bodies natural defences. We have stopped reading our bodies and instead are addicted to numbing them.

Our collective soul is struggling to cope with the pressures being placed on us right now. If it is not physical sickness we are suffering then it is a sickness of the mind. In Kundalini yoga we call the general malaise currently being experienced by so many “Cold Depression”. Our vitality and spirit is effected. “We are depressed but we are so numb and insensitive to our own self, we do not feel it. The depression we are experiencing is “cold”.

This Equinox is the opportunity to wake up.

As a collective we are nearing the end of a cycle. We are dissatisfied with what we are experiencing in the external world and we yearn to find a new direction. It feels as though this direction is likely to come from yet unheard of concepts. There will be an increase in communication or information about extra terrestrial activity. More and more people will be awakening in many ways. Many will begin to receive messages. It feels like the akashic records maybe opening or be being released or just be more available to connect with. (like a sort of inter dimensional wiki leaks!). Some of you will be feeling this and will have had new psychic gifts shown to you recently. This is going to increase. It is important to stay clear. To meditate and to strengthen our senses. We are sensory beings. We have just forgotten. It is time to remember and wake up. This is truly the way of the Aquarian age.

The Gift of this Equinox is positivity! This makes me think of baby bunnies jumping in fields and spring flowers blossoming. It is the reminder that there is always something positive. It is the reminder of the cycle of life. This is not meant in a spiritual by-passing way. Yes there is pain. Yes there is suffering. Infact it is unbearable right now for so many. But this 3 shows us that we do have the opportunity to find our own joy. It maybe as simple as sitting in the sun for 5 mins each day, or planting new veggies, sharing a meal with loved ones, looking after our neighbours or walking our dog. We must reconnect with the simplicity of joy. This is not something to buy. Truly the best way to get this is in nature or in the company of like minded people. Our shared Aquarian Sadhana is a perfect example of a way we can as a collective reconnect with joy.

Here we find ourselves back to another 5 and to our Physical Body again.

This is also our collective challenge. Our connection with our own source, with our deepest knowing is being challenged right now. As I discussed earlier we are as a collective numb. It feels to me like our physical bodies are mirroring Mother Earth. Where she is in pain we are in pain. Where she is under attack, we are under attack. Where she needs healing, we need healing. Our bodies literally show us where we are going wrong, It is the map. This is the teacher number. We are being taught the lessons through the physical form that we need to learn in order to serve and support other. When contracted we experience narcissistic behaviour, self absorption, self harming, obsessive behaviours.

Does this sounds familiar?

It is time to really look at our lives.

It is time to serve. Serve and support your neighbours, your family, your friends. Serve and support Mother Earth.

As a collective we are being asked to stop taking without giving back.

This Equinox is without doubt perfectly aligned to cleansing our physical body. We need to clear and declutter the physical body so that it can start to heal. If as a collective we all did this I can not believe we would not also see a shift in Mother Nature too. Just imagine and then hold in your minds eye the vision of every being deciding to eat, live and behave more consciously.

Find the way you can serve during this next season.

Over the next 6 months we are being called on as Spiritual Warriors. This is our Path.

We need to find our courage, commitment, our dedication.

This is the time to step up where you are being called to step up.

We have all heard this calling.

I know, that you know, where it is that you are being called to serve and uplift humanity.

Find ways of doing this. This is the way of prosperity. This is the path of abundance.

However be careful not to get caught in the trap of perfectionism. This is not the path of perfection this is the path of an all together bigger greatness.

It is the path of realness.

It is the path of Radiance.

It is the path of truth.

The perfectionism.

The over working.

The over achieving.

The over doing.

This is what is causing the apathy, the exhaustion and the laziness.

This is the time to start believing in your self.

The time to see yourself as the amazing light being that you are.

It is time to look in the mirror. Where you see in others that which you desire to see in yourself acknowledge that the other IS YOU!

It is time to accept that you are the perfect example of divinity in action, of Grace.

I am so hopeful. So hopeful for all that we can achieve as a community just by coming together in prayer.

My prayer, my call to the collective is that we are all awakened by the same calling.

All love, all kindness


Would you like to join us for are annual Spring Equinox Cleanse?

It is not too late.

This is a full cleanse including menu suggestions, recipes, rituals, kriyas and mediations.

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