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Healing Through Prosperity with 8.8

Today is the 8 • 8 • 2023

We are sitting collectively in the Soul and Karma of 8. Todays Path is a 5.

In tantric numerology 8 is the Pranic body. It represents the breath of life.

In the soul position it holds codes of power, recognition and wealth. It can play out as power struggles, desire for recognition and a feeling that personal power or wealth may be taken.

8 is a fearless number. It holds infinite potential within every breath. Our attachments cloud the truth of the infinite abundance within us and shown to us in our world each day. 8 in Karma will highlight this journey for us collectively and individually by offering us the opportunities to explore our concepts of money, wealth, abundance.

Do we see our physical health as a sign of prosperity? Do we need to hoard or grasp belongings? Do we find ourselves dropping into jealousy or comparison?

8 is a healer number. It holds the codes of healing which can be experienced on all levels. Physical, mental and spiritual. True healing of self requires a mastery of our nervous system. Breath can be the first and maybe most simple way to re align and regulate the nervous system. It could be said that the body would return to ultimate abundance once a true state of Prana is restored.

Path of 5 signifies a collective desire to experience a fullness of life. An acceptance of change a desire for adventure. It can also offer the codes of lessons. We are continually learning in life.

Every moment presents an insight into the way we are manifesting within this reality, until you become the master. The best way to do this is teach others what you know. Share your Wealth of experience with those who find you. Listen to the communications and conversations you find yourself in today. They will hold deep insight.

Astrologically the sun is holding us with the nurturing love of Mother and home. The moon is reflecting Aries youthfulness and perhaps a little rebellion. Jupiter here indicates self discovery. Rebellion energy is amplified with the presence of Uranus.

We are also closing the portal opened on 7/7/7 with a huge surge of high pressure Solar and geothermal activity.

Today holds us in an energy of expansion, infinite potential and a real invitation to notice if you are living in harmony with your souls truth.

Are you giving too much?

Are you taking too much?

Slow your breath for a few moments. Allow it to become so slow that you cannot hear it. Feel the pause. Sense the in breath of possibility and feeling the letting go as you exhale. Notice the pause the reflection before the cycle begins again.

♾️ You are infinite.

♾️ You are it all.

♾️ You are the breath of life

♾️ The breath of life is you.

Join Sam for class tonight at 6.30 to dive deeper into the Pranic Body in the

♾️ 🌱💫

Written by Sam Lindsay-German 🙏🏼

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