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8 • 8 Portal, Lions Gate & Full Moon in Aquarius - Moon Diaries Episode #9 Week of 8 August, 2022

Your weekly lifestyle moon report for the Week Beginning Monday August 8, 2022

Monday is the 8•8 Portal - Friday is the Full Moon in Aquarius -what happens in between?! Welcome to Episode #9 of the Moon Diaries! Your weekly lifestyle moon report. Published every Monday AEST to support you calibrate your life to the local seasons and cosmic elements of nature. Subscribe to receive your report first thing or join us live in 13 Moons - The Gathering on Facebook each Monday.

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If your moon is in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces you are having a moon birthday this week!

Major Themes This week

8•8 Portal and the Lions Gate on Monday and the steady energetic build to the Full Moon in Aquarius this Friday!


Monday 8 August - Moon in Sagittarius

Use the spiritual fire of Sagittarius and the 8•8 portal of infinite potential to contemplate and set intentions around your spiritual journey, awakening and your souls journey.

Tuesday 9 August - Moon in Capricorn

Today is a Mars day fuelled with the moon in Capricorn you can become a bit obsessive about all the ‘things you need to do!’ Avoid arguments today and be prepared to take a couple of deep breaths and come back to discussions or arguments another day. There’s a relationship to Chiron (the wounded healer) today so watch for what is triggering you.

The energy can be building towards feeling like you want to get some of your intentions completed by the Full Moon on Friday. Write these all down and put them aside for Wednesday.

Wednesday - 10 August Moon in Capricorn

Mercury Day - with the moon still in Capricorn and the day now ruled by the communicative Mercury the fire has settled from Tuesday and you’re likely to get a lot done today. Make the most of this energy!

Thursday - 11 August Moon in Aquarius

Jupiter day - the day of expansion and the build towards the Full Moon in Aquarius as the moon moves into Aquarius. Expand on your ideas, thoughts, dreams and desires.

Join us for our Full Moon Online Moon Circle this evening for a powerful full moon ritual.

Friday - 12 August Full Moon in Aquarius

Today’s Full Moon in Aquarius with the Sun in Leo, on Venus Day - the planet of love and romance is all about More Love, More Beauty More Confidence. Find time to create a personal ritual where you can experience these elements. This full moon is illuminated in the sign of futuristic innovation, revolution and thinking outside the square so look to these out there landscapes and don’t be afraid to step into foreign territory.

Saturday & Sunday - 13 + 14 August Moon in Pisces

This whole weekend the moon is in Pisces so watch for an emotional comedown after the weekend and use the watery, sophisticated sign of Pisces and the moon to gently soothe all that may transpire for you this week. Go to water, the ocean, a waterfall or the bath and enjoy some self discovery you time.

Many moon blessings, moon women! xx


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