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The 13 Moons Annual Spring Cleanse! Together we'll shake off winter by cleansing the liver, alkalising the blood, detoxing stress hormones, clearing the skin, brightening the mind and lifting your mood!


This is a 7 day yogic cleanse.




  • A 28 page e-Book with yogic recipes for spring cleansing. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Smoothies, Desserts and lots more. Over 24 recipes
  • Spring Rituals & Meditations plus a Tarot + Oracle Card Spread to align you to daily and seasonal cycles and rhythms. 
  • Recorded Kundalini Yoga Kriyas & Meditations for Cleansing and Prosperity with Sam Lindsay-German & Leila Cosgrove McKail


Get the most out of your cleanse!

  • Save you e-Book to your iBooks or Kindle.
  • Start stocking up on discounted bananas and berries for the freezer
  • Join the 13 Moons Womens Temple facebook group
  • Start spending time in the morning and evening sun to kick off your spring metabolism!

13 Moons Annual Spring Cleanse

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