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It's time to chill! The Moon Diaries for the week beginning September 12

Your weekly lifestyle moon report for the Week Beginning Monday September 12, 2022.

This week we are only publishing a written report, we will be back next Monday live in The Gathering and on our podcast with a live moon diaries chat.


Before you begin, we invite you to just take a couple of moments to connect to your breath with this short pranayama - the Four Stroke Breath for Meditative Balance. Let's just do three rounds to bring you into the space.

Wonderful! Welcome!

If your moon is in Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Cancer you are having a moon birthday this week!


You might still be feeling the divine after affects of the weekends Pisces Full Moon and with the beginning of the Mercury Retrograde. It was a deeply spiritual and beautiful energy over the weekend, with the subconscious mind being asked to step back from the projection of ideas, plans and allow the creative flow of thoughts to marinade in the realms of daydreams and journals.

Mercury will be retrograding until October 2 - 3 so over the next couple of weeks be mindful of the details in communication, contracts. negotiations and technology. During this time facts become blurred around the edges and mis-communication can occur very easily. emails go missing for no reason at all and technology can break down. You're being asked to pause on the business of life and rest into the cosmic switch-off.

This week, the moon has entered her disseminating moon phase and it is that time of the moon cycle to reflect and analyse on the matters of the phase since the new moon in Virgo on Sunday 28 August. It's the week to be balancing your bank statement, review your budget, plug up financial leaks from subscriptions or automatic payments you don't need any longer, look at patterns in your home & relationships, Do your tax and practice gratitude for all that you've achieved & received this moon cycle.

The biggest move in the stars this week is we have 6 planets that are now in Retrograde (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto). If you don't feel like being pro-active on anything strategic right now... this is why! When a planet retrogrades, it's energy that it usually projects outwards, becomes an inwards reflection. With 6 planets appearing to be moving backwards across the night sky, it is a time (for the next three weeks) to be gentle with forward motion, be careful of trying to do too much, and watch out for burn out. Really make the most of this cosmic pause to do less, and be more. There's going to be plenty of time for doing in the near future, but for now cultivate a relationship with your inner self and voice and get to know what you want to be seeding in next weeks Spring Equinox.


Monday - Moon Day (Moon in Aries) 12/9

On this moon day you might be feeling inclined to keep the weekend going a little longer. Monday-tis might be strong, so take it easy. If you have to go out there into the world be gentle and kind to yourself and others.

Tuesday - Mars Day (Moon in Aries, moves into Taurus) 13/9

Today the moon moves into taurus... this is self care and pleasure zone central. We start the day with fiery Aries energy and then the moon moves into Taurus. A good day to do a work out, go for a run, exert some energy in ways that you enjoy with this lovely Mars Day momentum. Mums - school holidays are coming this week so make the most of the Taurus luxury quality to do something nice for yourself this week to fill your cup and hit school holidays rested and ready.

Wednesday - Mercury Day (Moon in Taurus) 14/9

We still have this lovely Taurean self indulgence energy around with the dreamy mercury retrograde. Today's the day for oracle cards, candles, tending to the flowers, succulents and anything in your garden to make it look beautiful. Daydream, journal, write, send friendly voice messages for your friends or your future self. Record yourself giving positive affirmations to listen back to when you need them - your own voice is the most healing sound current.

Thursday - Jupiter Day (Moon in Taurus) 15/9

The moon is still in Taurus today so make sure you're not over doing the luxury. Jupiter day is an expansive energy.. practice eating and drinking light, clean and healthy today or the scales could easily tip into over indulgence!

Spend time today on taking care of your business / life affairs - bank statements, bills, balancing your tax etc.

This week has a tendency for burnout if you're in the workforce or you have a lot to do that you can't avoid. Make sure you put some time and space around yourself in the mornings, at lunch and in the evenings. Keep social media and news scrolling to a minimum. Take time today for some long distance gazing to reset the eyes and relax the mind and get some sunshine if you can. Good evening to unwind with a bath.

Friday - Venus Day (Moon in Gemini) 16/9

Things can get pretty social and flirtatious today with the Moon in Gemini on Venus day. Watch out for arguments, particularly around facts. It's going to be pointless arguing if the colour is blue or black or the various shades of grey with all of these retrogrades occurring. Dish up a solid sense of humour when debates get tricky and remember facts are all debatable until mercury retrograde is over. It's a great day to go out and have some lighthearted fun with friends who don't need to be right or win arguments.

Saturday - Saturn Day (Moon in Gemini) 17/9

If you've had a stressful week it's a great day to lay low, practice your favorite meditations or do something energetic to burn off any navel energy ... the energy is still pretty airy with the moon in Gemini, but if there's stress around it can become quickly polarising. If your self care has been on point and your feeling dreamy and cruisey you're going to be a great influence for others around you. Still a terrible time for debates or discussions so brush up on your lighthearted conversation if you've got a social weekend coming up.

Sunday - Sun Day (Moon enters Cancer) 18/9

Today the moon moves into cancer - the sign of home and our inner emotional world. It's a great day for spring cleaning and taking care of home affairs. Enjoy your home and if you're not feeling the good home vibes do something today to spruce your personal space up

Many moon blessings, moon beings! See you next week live in The Gathering or afterwards on your favorite podcast app or YouTube xx


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