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The 11 Moon Centres of a Woman

Do you ever feel like your emotions are playing out like the reels feed on your instagram account?

One day you are the queen of manifestation and the ultimate boss witch, the next you hold a lead role in the latest Kardashian reality show with drama all around you, only to find a day later you are hiding under your bed covers googling how an introvert can survive in this world?

You are not alone! You are not crazy!

You, my dear are a Moon Being.

If you are reading this then you are probably already incredibly connected to your body and its cyclical nature. We know that our bodies are closely tied with the cycles of the moon. Our reproductive system and menstrual cycle adapts and mirrors certain patterning of the moons own cycles.

Within the teachings of Kundalini Yoga women have what are known as eleven moon centres that are associated with specific body parts. We have learnt that women can accomplish anything if we learn how to tap into our intuition, connect to our divine power and ultimately learn how to uplift and inspire all those in our lives.

Your unique Moon Centre Code

Understanding your moon centre and mapping them can help make sense of your changing emotions.

Every 2 1/2 days, we move into a new moon centre that can affect our mood. We can learn how to track our moon centres through connection with ourselves, observation, intuition and using tools like pendulums.

Instead of becoming victims of our own insecurity and emotional commotions we can learn how to understand these aspects of ourselves, how to harness our power days and protect and nurture ourselves on our more vulnerable days. Leading us to live a more joyous and fulfilled life and supporting us in becoming the matriarchs and leaders in our homes, our work and our community.


The Sensual Woman


50hr Kundalini Yoga (Moon Centres) Training

The highest incarnation of human being is a Woman. The Sensual Woman is an ultra sensitive, deeply grounded and emotionally intelligent woman being capable of creation, leadership, happiness and weaving magic wherever she goes. She knows when to rest, she knows when to speak out. She recognises her insecurities and she thrives when she is ready to be in the spotlight. She intuits what her body needs and she's confident to express her desires. She enjoys silence and she loves company. She makes time for sensuality and she takes pleasure in the simplest things in life. She loves to give love, and is open to receive love. She feels anger and sadness and she transmutes these emotions into action, passion or time for healing. Her Aura is a fortress of love, personal boundaries and she understands that this is the heart and soul of her feminine power.

She also understands that none of this happens by accident. The Sensual Woman, in our modern world is a rare woman.

For most of our lives, many of us have lived in environments, cultures and a society that has played down the feminine capacity, even feared it and we have been taught to shut ourselves down. When girls start to blossom into teenagers our blossoming beauty was likely misguided and mishandled. We were taught to be quiet, to stop being too much. We were told that we were too emotional, or too strange. Too loud or too shy. Our clothes were too 'tomboy', or our skirts and tops were too short. Our thoughts and ideas were too deep or too weird. For generations women have been enslaved and conditioned to behave in a way that the patriarchal society determined satisfactory and it is responsible for the suppression of the feminine power.

We have become a culture who are embarrassed to talk about our sensuality. We are ashamed to feel and express pleasure. It has created a taboo that has shifted the way sex is portrayed within our society which has led to the current misogynistic behaviours that are sadly common practice.

Reclaiming your sensuality is the key to releasing you from this pattern of life and starting to claim your sovereign right as a woman. We will introduce you to simple and potent practices that allow you to experience pleasure in every moment of the day and open you up to the healing your soul has been craving. The cornerstone to unlocking your healing and inner wisdom is understanding the cycles of your body and the 11 centres of energy that guide the sophistication of the feminine form - the moon centres of a woman.

In this training we will teach you about the 11 Moon Centres of a Woman, ancient yogic tools, simple tantric practices and sex magic that bring you closer to experiencing your higher self than ever before.

Personal Experience or Professional Development

This training can be attended for your own personal experience to learn about the ancient mysteries of tracking your moon centres and claiming sensuality. If you would like to be trained as a Moon Centre Circle Facilitator you will be invited to complete a 40 day sadhana to master mapping your personal moon centre code. Available to any woman in the world online and in person in Samford Valley, (Brisbane, Queensland) Australia.

Qualifications as a Moon Centre Circle Facilitator

This course qualifies for ongoing professional development with Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Australia with 50 CPD Points. This course will also qualify you as an Associate Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance International if you are not already a qualified yoga teacher, and working towards becoming a 350hr Womens Kundalini Yoga Teacher with us.

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