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Spring Equinox Cosmic Magic! The Moon Diaries for the week beginning September 19

Your weekly lifestyle moon report for the Week Beginning Monday September 19, 2022.


Before you begin, we invite you to just take a couple of moments to connect to your breath with this short meditation - the Meditation on Change. Let's just do three rounds to bring you into the space.

Curl the fingers in as if making a fist. Place the fingertips on the pads of the hands, just below the fingers. Then bring the two hands together at the center of the chest. The hands touch lightly in two places only: the knuckles of the middle (Saturn) fingers and the pads of the thumbs. The thumbs are extended toward the heart center and are pressed together.

Hold this position and feel the energy across the thumbs and knuckles.

Now just breathe long and deep. Follow the flow of your breath. Complete a couple of rounds, pause and open your eyes.


Wonderful! Welcome!

If your moon is in Cancer, Leo or Virgo you are having a moon birthday this week!


This week the moon is moving through its final phase heading towards the dark of the moon on the weekend, the final phase before the new moon cycle. We are in the energy of gratitude and giving back.

We're also still in a 6 planet retrograde so there is the presence of reviewing & reflecting on major life themes.

Everything is building towards the Spring Equinox on Friday! So time to do a spring cleanse / detox and get on with spring cleaning!


Monday - Moon Day (Moon in Cancer) 19/9

The beautiful watery moon energy allows you to feel at home, in your home and starting the spring cleanse today so your energy is vibrant and clear for the manifestation portal on Friday and in preparation for Spring.

Tuesday - Mars Day (Moon in Cancer) 20/9

Utilise the mars energy of the day to tackle the closets or spaces you've been avoiding clearing out for years. It's a fire / water day so keep things in balance so you don't accidentally put the fire out with too many watery emotions.

Wednesday - Mercury Day (Moon in Leo) 21/9

A good day to remember we are still in Mercury retrograde so be mindful to be careful with communication of ideas, facts, emotions or things you're processing. The moon energy lifts with the shift to Leo.

Thursday - Jupiter Day (Moon in Leo) 22/9

Today is a beautiful expansive day with the moon in Leo. Time to stop the seriousness of life and go dancing or out to have fun .

Friday - Venus Day (Moon in Virgo) 23/9

Today is the Spring Equinox and time for rituals and meditations on prosperity and what you would like to seed for this new season. A beautiful time to gather with people, however if you are unable to, find some time to do a lovely little intention setting ritual for yourself.

The energy is cosmically ignited with the Spring Equinox, the Sun changing signs into Libra PLUS a Mercury Cazimi where the Sun and Mercury are both at 0,0 degrees. This aspecting is being referred to as The heart of the Sun and the most beautiful opportunity for your prayers and desires to be amplified during this time. Make the most of this beautiful opportunity.

Saturday - Saturn Day (Moon in Virgo) 24/9

Today is the first day of the dark of the moon and a good day to put plenty of space around your self to bask in the afterglow of the Spring Equinox. You don't want to have to "do anything you don't want to do" today. There has the potential for some very mystical and magical energies today.

Sunday - Sun Day (Moon in Virgo) 25/9

Today is the second day of the dark of the moon and you have the potential to be wiped out and land a spiritual hangover so again, keep things close to home or out in nature, wherever your soul is calling to be today.

Our New Moon Circle will be on Tuesday September 27 - join us here to call in the New Cycle of the New Season!

Many moon blessings, moon beings! See you next week live in The Gathering or afterwards on your favorite podcast app or YouTube xx


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