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An unusual manifesting New Moon and Mercury direct.. kind of

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Your weekly lifestyle moon report for the Week Beginning Monday September 26, 2022.


Let's start with some Alternative Nostril Breathing.


Wonderful! Welcome!

If your moon is in Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Capricorn you are having a moon birthday this week!

WEEKLY THEMES New Moon in Libra and we’re going to encourage you to wait until Sunday to set your intentions this month.. listen in to find out why. The themes for this new moon, off the back of the equinox is Justice, Harmony and leaning into the confusion and blocks to learn to understand your needs, values and boundaries. Jupiter is the closest to the earth in 59 years aspecting many planets.. expansion is big this week.

Mercury stations direct this weekend, however it’s not all systems go, just yet. We are leaving a 9 month of endings governed by the Subtle Body and moving into a 10 month (the Radiant Body) of ascension.

You can tune into our Kundalini Meditations to work through this weeks energies in our New Moon Circle here!


Monday - Moon Day (New Moon in Libra) 26/9 Today’s new moon in Libra is powerful within the portal of the equinox. It’s a seriously powerful new moon for seeding intentions for the next moon cycle plus the next 6 months.

Tuesday - Mars Day (Moon in Libra) 27/9 As the light returns to the moon we encourage you to contemplate your life before setting intentions, be mindful where you’re not experiencing justice… be careful what you wish for! Join us for the new moon circle tonight for meditations and processing your new moon / new cycle intentions.

Wednesday - Mercury Day (Moon in Scorpio) 28/9 Look to the skeletons in the closet and any karmas that are attempting to come to the surface at the moment. Let the processing continue to move through the energy.

Thursday - Jupiter Day (Moon in Scorpio) 29/9 Anything coming up now has the potential to be expanded with the major influence of Jupiters closeness to the planet on Jupiter day. Ride the magnitude and allow the transformations to happen.

Friday - Venus Day (Moon in Sagittarius) 30/9 Sagittarius - the teacher is in the house today and Saturday to show you the lessons. Hopefully you can tune in and start to understand your needs, boundaries and the direction you need to choose for your path forwards.

Saturday - Saturn Day (Full Moon in Sagittarius) 1/10 Mercury stations direct today, in opposition to Neptune. Neptune is the dreamy, illusionary, deep mystical state. All those aspects we’ve put on hold pre-mercury retrograde, have the chance now for you to see them in their reality, to see through some of the illusions that might have been guiding your choices but perhaps were not the correct choices. Today is also the start of October - the beginning of the ascension month. Depending on the work you’ve been doing this is the first day where the lessons you’ve been learning start to manifest as destiny.

Sunday - Sun Day (Moon enters Capricorn) A refreshing change of energy comes on Sunday. Today’s the day for setting intentions. You’ll likely feel done with processing and ready to get on with task and to-do lists for self help, support and getting back ontop of life. Make sure you add joining us at Pilgrim Yoga for our 6 week Kundalini Yoga residency on the Yogic Science of Relationships.

Many moon blessings, moon beings! See you next week live in The Gathering or afterwards on your favorite podcast app or YouTube xx


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