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Altering your Energy at Your Command

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

This is an amazing meditation to teach children and teens, or to learn at any stage of your life. If you are a Kundalini Yoga or Meditation teacher this is a beautiful practice to build into your regular classes.


We are energy beings. Energy flows through the Ida and Pingala naadis all the time, but, at any given time, one side or the other is the dominant energy of our electromagnetic field. We can learn which naadi is dominant by observing which of our two nostrils has the greater flow of breath: left nostril means Ida and right nostril means Pingala. If Ida is dominant, then the flow of energy in our magnetic psyche is predominantly negatively-charged and is cooling, imaginative, and relaxing. If the Pingala is dominant, then the flow of energy is predominantly positively-charged and is focused, energetic, and active.

If we are aware of our predominant energy charge, then we can alter our energy as needed to balance whatever sort of energy is coming at us from the environment. When we cross the range of another electromagnetic field, the psyches must balance energetically.

Sometimes we react unconsciously and we lock ourselves into an undesired balance with another person's magnetic field. If we relate to our environments on a praanic level, we have the means to control our energy field to bring greater peace and life-sustaining balance into our lives.

~ Harijot Kaur Khalsa

"You have to learn to alter your energy. If at one frequency you are freaking out, change or alter your energy. You will not freak out. You cannot change the time, but you can change the place. You cannot get out of your body, but you can change its energy.

"If the right nostril is sending the fire (agni) energy and you are thinking something very neurotic, start breathing from the left nostril. It will send the cooling, vitalee energy. If you are irritated, very depressed, in a most weird mental state, start breathing from the right nostril. Within three minutes after you shift the nostril, you will be in a different mental state. The ability to change nostrils in breathing should be taught to your children within their first three years."

~ The teachings of Kundalini Yoga


Altering Your Energy at Your Command

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Interlace your fingers so that the right thumb is on top. Maintain a pressure in the grip of your hands. Rest the base of your hands against your body at the level of your diaphragm.

Close your eyes and concentrate on the breath at the tip of your nose.

Determine which nostril is dominant in your breathing. Within three minutes you should know. Once you know which nostril is dominant, change to the other nostril. Practice changing nostril dominance back and forth between the two nostrils. Be sure to keep your shoulders completely relaxed. You should have a pressure at your hands, but none at your shoulders.

Suggested time for this practice is 3 - 31 Minutes.

To Finish: Inhale, exhale, and hold the breath out for 30-35 Seconds, stretch up, and, as you stretch up, if you feel anything wrong in the body, send energy to it. It is a good body adjustment.

Inhale and relax.

Commentary by Harijot Kaur Khalsa

It may be helpful to know that in the web of flesh between the thumb and the Jupiter (index) finger is an acupressure point which can affect which nostril is open. In this mudra, the chumb of the left hand and forefinger of the right hand are well placed to alternately put pressure on these points. I find that if I press the point on the left hand, the left nostril will open. Other people find that the opposite nostril will open: they press the point on the right hand to open the left nostril. I suggest that you experiment to see which side you have to press to affect the flow of breath in which nostril.



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