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The Venus Gates Evening Star Chakra Activations

The Venus Gateways are ancient magnetic portals and a powerful time for spiritual practice and meditation. This free session will introduce you to the Venus Gateway Chakra activation season and how kundalini meditations can offer you a cosmic connection to accessing the Venusian spirit codes.


We will be discussing the sacred history of the Venus Gateways, the chakra activations, the ancient mythology of Innana and how the chakra activations open portals for the rising of your kundalini energy. 


Following this session we will be journing for the next 8 months with Venus as the Evening Star and the Chakra activatons each month. You are invited to join us each month for a very special kundalini meditation to access the venusian spirit codes that are activated on each Gateway. You can register for the 8 sessions, or take each session as a stand alone class.


Venus Gate sessions will be held online, on the morning of the Gateway. If you can't join in person a link will be available to download the meditation for you to do in your own time.


November 28 - Preparing for the Venus Gates (Free Session)

December 24 - Base Chakra Activation

January 23 - Sacral Chakra Activation

February 22 - Solar Plexus Chakra Activation

March 24 - Heart Chakra Activation

April 23 - Throat Chakra Activation

May 23 - Third Eye Chakra Activation

June 21 - Crown Chakra Activation

July 20 - Soul Star Activation



Free session registration now open.


Book your place on the full Evening Star Chakra Activation Journey with us.

Price $444 available upfront or with an option of two monthly payments of $222

(this option includes an upfront payment discount).

Individual sessions will be available to purchase for $60 and will go on sale in December.

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