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Heart Radiance Blended Essences include flower essence and crystaline essences to support you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and metaphysically.


Abundance opens the heart to gratitude, the mind to the limitless abundance of the Universe, and the spirit to joy and optimism. Helps to eliminate the sense of ‘not enough’ and clears the family patterns. Raises awareness of being the magician in one’s own life. Supports successful networking and ‘win-win’ relationships.


Aura Brings awareness of our spiritual ‘place’ in the Web of Life and the relevance of healing our wounds, fulfilling our soul purpose, balancing all aspects of our whole being - body, mind and spirit. Supports the realisation that we express the marriage of the sacred and the profane, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 


Body Love helps you appreciate and feel gratitude for the power and beauty of your body. Focuses you on fine-tuning your health by tuning in to your body. Assists disconnecting from ancestral patterns about how women “should” be, and energetically supports healthy balanced functioning of hormones.


Brain Balance Energetically balances the diverse functions of the brain, to bring about a sense of wholeness and optimal functioning. Supports brain changes throughout childhood and assists in opening new pathways of understanding.Support brain function from the over-effects of stress and feeling not quite right after trauma. Balances left-right and back-front brain energies. Helps with fear of memory loss and brain changes as the brain ages.

Crisis Calm This blend helps connect to the sense of calm at the centre of any storms around you, whether a trauma, shock, emergency, or stress, be it physical, emotional, or psychological. Energetically clears imprints of these situations as they happen so they do not set in the body. Clears imprints of past situations. Supports one to relax and adapt to changing circumstances. 


Earth Star (Tenth Chakra) - taps into Divine Feminine energy of connection to the heart (hEart = eartH), assists embodiment – love of the physical such as yoga, walking, exercise, etc, activates natural body intelligence, grounds into the body & the earth & the life process of living in the physical world.


Healing Energy grants confidence in commanding & transmuting physical & supernatural forces for healing, brings recognition that healing takes place ‘through us, not of us’, healing is simply pouring pure love into another using intention & touch, supports modalities of Reiki, Reconnection Healing, Theta Healing and Intentional healing Hands-on healing.


Mother Love The mother-child relationship grants deep feelings of self-worth. This essence assists in clearing toxic patterns from the relationship, letting go of perceived hurts, slights, or feelings of being devalued by the mother and aids in understanding the loving meaning behind that communication. Releases patterns of smother-mothering. Balances negative patterns learned from the mother. Assists in building self-worth.


Pregnancy Support supports the transition from Maiden to Mother. Supports the swift, profound changes in the Body-Mind under the influence of a cascade of life-promoting pregnancy hormones. Supports emotional, physical, and mental wellness in both parents.


Teen Transit assists young people in the transition from child to adult through the tumultuous teen years. Helps parents ride the changes, emotionally and attitudinally as their child moves through the difficult years of teenage-hood into adulthood. Helps teenagers to moderate the emotional and physical roller-coaster that accompanies the influx of body-changing hormones.


Wise Woman supports ageing gracefully and accessing the deep well of personal power that mature wisdom brings, while being open to inspiration; maintaining the dance of sexual expression and Spirit, and supporting the vital rejuvenation energy; keeping Yin energy moist and retaining the juiciness of life; trusting inner wisdom and graciously sharing it with younger women.



Blended Essences

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