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Honouring The First Bleed A Menarche Ritual



1 x Bunch of Roses

1 x Comfort / Moontime Basket (This is a basket filled with gifts that would be supportive, nourishing, healing during her bleed. Chocolate, Comfy knickers, Period Pants, Hot water bottle, Journal, magazines etc)

1 x Moonstone or a First Moon Bracelet or Necklace made with Garnet

1 x Herbal blend (Salt, magnesium, dried flowers, lavender, rose etc)

1 x Glass Jar

1 x Foot Bath

1 x Hair Brush and Ribbons

1 x Towel (maybe red!)

1 x Red Cloak or sheet

Invite the women in attendance to bring small gifts for the 1st Moon Basket Some examples could be:

  • Soft Blankets

  • Crystals

  • Chocolate

  • Face masks

  • Body oil

  • Mindful colouring books or journals


  • Alter Cloth

  • Red Candle

  • Create a flower circle of red roses

  • Add tea lights and fairy lights

  • Place out Oracle Cards

  • Place a red cloth on the space where the maiden will sit


Use the 13 Moons Womens Temple invocation and chant the Adi Mantra and Heart Protection mantra. (It could be special to sing the Heart Protection Mantra together with the celestial communication)

Feel free to use your open opening.

Use the smudge stick to cleanse the space and each person present asking for the sage to purify the footbath ingredients you are using and bring light and love to the space. Ask for all negativity to be released and invite joy, light, love and bliss for all who are present.

Perhaps say;

"We are cleanse oursleves from top to toe. We cleanse ourselves so we can glow.

We cleanse our hearts, our minds, our souls.

We are cleansed and clear to grow.

We are light.

We are lifted.

We are One.

We are light

We are love.

We are Whole.

We cleanse this space within which we sit.

We ask that only love may enter it.

We ask that our ritual items be cleansed and charged.

With Light and Love from the Moon and Stars"

Ask each woman and maiden attending to share sound their name into the space.


Share some words about the circle you are holding.

The importance of celebrating our First Moontime and each moontime. That it is a gift from nature that we receive this potent time each month to quieten ourselves, nourish ourselves and step away from the busyness of normal life to retreat into our true divine nature.

Share the importance of honouring this time and creating pockets of ritual that we repeat each month as places of safety and remembering. It could be a monthly bath, a baking ritual, face mask time or journaling as a record of our menstrual years.

Share that this is a very blessed time. We welcome the First Moontime as the the beginning of the magical realm of Womanhood.

Share the Moontime Basket with the Maiden.


Kirtan Kriya (6 or 12 minutes)

Any meditation or guided journey could be added her.


Invite the Maiden to share any fears or questions she has at this time, or observations.

Invite the other women in attendance to share their stories of being a woman. This is a time to empower the maiden. Other girls in attendance yet to receive their First Moontime can share what they are looking forward to.


Invite each woman to take an oracle card and share what they received and what it means for them.


Bring in the foot bowl with warm water.

Invite each woman to take some of the bath salts and some of the petals and add it to the foot bath. Sharing a wish or blessing with the maiden as they do.

They can then also scoop some of the salts into the jar blessing this as well.

Make the process as witchy as you like. Tell the women to imagine they are adding ingredients to a foot bath blessing cauldron. The maiden can be sprinkled with rose petals and danced around at the same time.

Then massage her hands with oil and braid her hair.

Offer and feed her chocolate and treat her like a princess.

This would be a lovely time to gift her a Moontime bracelet or necklace.


When the ritual is complete come back to circle together.

Ask each woman to share a word of what this evening has meant to them.

You could close with a group meditation that is fun and happy.

Then share the Longtime Sun and Sat Nam.

Place a lid on the Jar of salts and invite the maiden to use them over the coming months, gift her the red candle and anything else from the alter.

This ritual is shared as inspiration for you to create Menarche Circles within your communities.

Rituals are not owned they belong to all women.

Rituals do not need to be perfect, they need to be offerings of love.

Rituals are the foundations on which we can build a deeper connection to our journeys as women.

Let us together create healing and happiness one ritual at a time.

To join us in learning more about ritual and circle work.

Or to become a 13 Moons Meditation Teacher and to learn healing techniques that can support all women at all stages please join us on one of our upcoming trainings.

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