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Chakra 9 - “I Shine”.


The Ninth Chakra located beyond the Eighth Chakra. Its colour is gold and its function is to plot and oversee the individual’s soul’s path. It helps to bring forth skills and abilities from past lives. Helps you walk your talk, bringing the mental clarity to put your spiritual truths into action.



Opens access to:


  • Your uniqueness/archetypal patterns/soul purpose

  • Your soul blueprint – the skills one brings with one into this life.

  • Higher feelings associated with:

    • optimism for the planet and humanity

    • caring for others as a

      • creator

      • healer

      • teacher


Healing Outcomes:


  • Supports us walking our talk

  • Fulfilling our soul purpose

  • Releasing dependency on addictions

  • Putting our own soul’s needs first in relation to responding to other’s needs

Soul Star

Excluding GST
  • Purified spring water, natural preservative, high grade essential oils, HeartRadiance Essences, Rainbow Dreaming Crystal Essences.

    Notes of fresh Pine, Sandalwood, and Frankincense. Pregnancy warning: contains Clary Sage

    We only use pure and natural ingredients.

    No synthetics, no chemicals, no fillers.

    Only tested on willing human beings!

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