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Chakra 12 - “I Connect”.


Twelfth Chakra – surrounds the Eleventh chakra and the entire body. Its colours are multi-layered pearlescent gold, silver and copper. It functions as an energetic skin with ‘pores’ that channel higher frequency energies from outside to within the auric field of the body. It grants recognition that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.



Opens access to:


  • Brings awareness of our spiritual ‘place’ in the Web of Life and the relevance of:

    • healing our wounds

    • fulfilling our soul purpose

    • balancing all aspects of our whole being - body, mind and spirit.


Healing Outcomes:

  • Supports the realisation that we express:

    • the marriage of the sacred and the profane

    • that we are spiritual beings having a human experience


Excluding GST
  • Purified spring water, natural preservative, high grade essential oils, HeartRadiance Essences, Rainbow Dreaming Crystal Essences.

    Notes of Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Rosewood. Pregnancy warning - contains Clary Sage

    We only use pure and natural ingredients.

    No synthetics, no chemicals, no fillers.

    Only tested on willing human beings!

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