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Chakra 10 - “I Anchor”.


Tenth Chakra – located beneath the feet, it connects us to the Earth. Its colour is copper and it governs our connection to the geo-fields that are part of the Earth’s energy circuitry. It taps us into the primary knowledge that the Earth is our mother, whom we must honour and acknowledge.



Opens Access to:


  • Address and heal ancestral qi (including genetic)

  • Self-healing through utilizing elemental energy

  • Joy in partaking of the natural world & love of interacting with nature.


Healing Outcomes:


  • Taps into Divine Feminine energy of connection to the heart (hEart = eartH)

  • Assists embodiment – love of the physical such as yoga, walking, exercise, etc.

  • Activates natural body intelligence

  • Grounds into the body & the earth - & the life process of living in the physical world.


Earth Star Spray Mist

Excluding GST
  • Purified spring water, natural preservative, high grade essential oils, HeartRadiance Essences, Rainbow Dreaming Crystal Essences.

    Notes of earthy Benzoin, Rosemary, Patchouli and uplifting Bergamot.

    We only use pure and natural ingredients.

    No synthetics, no chemicals, no fillers.

    Only tested on willing human beings!

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