Join us and the 13 Moons Community for our Annual Summer Solstice Celebration!

There are three ways you can experience Solstice with us

1. Download your free Summer Solstice e-Book

for your pre-solstice cleanse, daily sun ritual & tarot / oracle spread

2. Join our Online Full Moon Circle

on December 19 at 8pm AEST

This very special final full moon for 2022 is in the alluring and social sign Gemini, perfect to start to reflect on your destiny and life path for the new year and set the stage and tone for your solstice experience..

3. Join us for our Global Summer Solstice Online Gathering

December 22 at 6 - 7.30pm

Sam & Leila

Beautiful woman,

we have lovingly curated this Solstice Gathering to inspire and support you during this season of change and transformation.


We hope you find direction, transformation and rejuvenation in order for your higher self from sharing this time with us.