Aquarian Sadhana

Community dawn sadhana - all welcome.

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The Aquarian Sadhana is a series of spiritual practices given to carry us through the formation of the Aquarian age - the astrological era we are awakening into. From the kundalini yoga tradition, Aquarian Sadhana is practiced during the ambrosial hours or Amrit Vela. This time before the rise of the sun is when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest and our meditation and practice is deeper and hold more potency.  This practice works with the law of karma. If we give 2.5 hours of our day to the Divine the blessings will be returned to us tenfold. The practice consists of 4 parts. ✨ We prepare with opening prayers. ✨ Recitation of Sikh Prayer Japji ✨ A Kundalini Yoga Kriya ✨ Chanting the Aquarian Mantras It is a most beautiful and sacred experience which can be done individually but practised as a group we experience the expansion of group consciousness. “…the happiness of one balances the sadness of another… the individual auras merge and form a group aura.” Whilst meeting online is different to meeting in person we have experienced the power of Sadhana shared this way many times.

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Brisbane (Samford Valley) and Gold Coast (Tamborine Mountain) Queensland, Australia