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Chakra 8 - “I Journey”.


The Eighth Chakra functions to aid and assist memory retrieval functions, in particular those related to past life experiences and clearing karma. Brings awareness of the link between mind and body in creating disease.


Soul Path, the eighth chakra is located beyond the Seventh above the head. Its colour is silver.




Opens access to:

  • Parallel Universes and Lives

  • Shamanic healing

  • Greater spiritual awareness

  • Heal deep wounds on the psyche through accessing Akashic records

  • Support and facilitate channelling


Healing Outcomes:

  • Assists in communicating with spirit guides

  • Helps to clear DNA of ancestral Qi issues

  • Brings into the ‘present moment’

  • Assists with forgiving and letting go of past mistakes

  • Enhances understanding the link between our thoughts and possible future health issues.

Soul Path

Excluding GST
  • Purified spring water, natural preservative, high grade essential oils, HeartRadiance Essences, Rainbow Dreaming Crystal Essences.

    Notes of Sandalwood, Frankincense, Lavender and Rose Geranium.


    We only use pure and natural ingredients.

    No synthetics, no chemicals, no fillers.

    Only tested on willing human beings!

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