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Chakra 11 - “I Transmit”.


Eleventh Chakra - located all around the body and concentrates in the hands and feet. Its colour is pearlescent pink and its function is to facilitate the use of healing energy to assist in helping others to maintain health & wellbeing. It assists in using this powerful energy for good rather than personal gain.



Opens access to:


  • Understanding the energetic effect we have on others:

    • Through touch, and

    • Proper or improper use of higher vibrational power


Healing Outcomes:


  • Grants confidence in commanding & transmuting physical & supernatural forces for healing

  • Brings recognition that:

    • healing takes place ‘through us, not of us’

    • healing is simply pouring pure love into another using intention & touch

  • Supports modalities of:

    • Reiki

    • Reconnection Healing

    • Theta Healing

    • Intentional healing

    • Hands-on healing

Healing Energy

Excluding GST
  • Purified spring water, natural preservative, high grade essential oils, HeartRadiance Essences, Rainbow Dreaming Crystal Essences.

    Notes of warm and sweet Benzoin, Orange, Lavender and Frankincense.

    We only use pure and natural ingredients.

    No synthetics, no chemicals, no fillers.

    Only tested on willing human beings!

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