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Price range $20 - $25 depending on your choice of crystal.


Pendulums are a great tool for scrying, healing, answering questions and solving problems. We also use them for discovering the Moon Centre (Chakra) that you are currently in.


Angelite is a high vibrational stone that opens the throat, third eye and crown chakra. Channel and work with your angels when using this pendulum. 


White Jade promotes harmoney of the body mind and spirit; Opens the heart chakra givng a neutral and balanced reading.


Amethyst is a calming stone, promoting inner peace, balance and calmness. It is believed to be a healing crystal with the ability to block negativity.


Pink Calcite is a healing stone with a gentle, but potent energy. It helps you to let go of experiences from the past, especially where you still feel fear or grief about something that happened at that time. Use this pendulum when you are seeking answers, but inhibited by fear.


Rose Quartz is a crystal that will work beautifully when you want loving guidance to make choices that come from the heart space, and for promoting peace and understanding within those decisions.


Chinese Writing Stone is an amulet of life force energy and is capable of drawing out the true being within you. Through deep meditation with this stone, one is capable of “finding” themselves again and reinventing what they offer this world. Use this pendulum when you need to uncover the truth and find trust in the answers you receive.


Excluding GST
  • We post on wednesdays.  Your order will be packaged and posted on this day. 

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