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This annual planner has been designed to support you in planning your life, your business & your household within the seasons of nature. When you return the alignment of your every day life to the cycles of nature and the cosmos, you experience a major shift in your energy, vitality health and wellbeing.



  • Double page spread Monthly Calendar
  • Monthly Intentions, Reflections & Notes
  • Moon Cycle Tracker
  • New, Full & Quarter Moon phases plus micro and super moons for working with gravity
  • Queensland School Holidays
  • Major public holiday's & occasions
  • Solstice & Equinox Events plus the seasonal Midpoint occasions
  • Tropical Zodiac Solar seasons
  • Mercury Retrogrades
  • Venus Evening Star Gates


This planner is a little smaller than A4 and finished with a beautiful matt finished heart chakra green covering and would make a gorgeous addition to a Christmas stocking or for secret santa at work.


The perfect compliment to your weekly diary and journal to support you in planning your business or household, within the cycles of nature.

2023 ALMANAC (Annual Planner)

Excluding GST
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