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Use the moon to plan & analyse life & business - The Moon Diaries Episode #10 Week of 15 August 2022

Your weekly lifestyle moon report for the Week Beginning Monday August 15, 2022

If your moon is in Aries, Taurus or Gemini you are having a moon birthday this week!

We are post super full moon in Aquarius where the energy/light is starting to disseminate from the moon.

This week is the time to Analyse and Reflect on all that came to light under the full moon. It's a good week to balance your bank statements, do your tax, review your budget, look at patterns in your home & relationships and practice gratitude for all that you've received this moon cycle.

The Moon starts this week in Aries, at the beginning of the zodiac so this is a great reset point. If you've been feeling a little washed out or like life has been all over the place, it is a great opportunity to hit the reset button and realise new beginnings are available to you here this week.

This week we have two major trines. A trine in astrology is a harmonious aspect and is generally considered the most favourable aspect in articulating astrology. It can bring luck, harmony, major synchronicity, and potential for positive changes. This week has the potential to be awesome.

Next week we will be going live on Tuesday, so this weeks report will also cover next Monday's energy.

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Monday 15 August - Moon in Aries

Moon Day. You don't need to do too much today. Make a to do list of the things you'd like to reflect / analyse / balance this moon cycle. Tuesday 16 August - Moon in Aries Mars Day. Make a start on your to do list! There's a lot of fire today with Aries and Mars so make the most to get on with the things you might not be particularly fond of.

Wednesday - 17 August Moon in Taurus

Mercury Day is everything communication and today with Mercury trining Uranus this gives wind to creative thinking and problem solving from an angel you wouldn't usually take. The groundedness of Taurus will keep you emotionally balanced today so your imagination can go a little wild. Enjoy it!

Thursday - 18 August Moon in Taurus

Jupiter day there is a second awesome trine occurring with Venus trine Jupiter. Venus, the planet of love, romance, sensuality and pleasure is currently in the playful, nobel and courageous Leo (fire sign) and Jupiter, the planet of expansion is in Aries (fire sign) opening up a divine portal where you can connect to your intuition, creativity and all things love and relationships. Allow the energy of this day to grow all week and really make the most of this time and enjoy it!

Friday - 19 August Full Moon in Gemini

On Venus day the moon will be in Taurus in the morning and then moves into Gemini later in the day. Enjoy the pleasure of Taurus and Venus and take your life / business / self out on a coffee date. Towards the evening when the moon moves into Gemini your inner world can start to be come ungrounded and slightly bipolar.

Saturday & Sunday - 20 + 21 August Moon in Gemini

Saturn Day + Sun Day - the Moon stays in Gemini all weekend and the energy has the potential to be polarising and unstable. It can also be imaginative and quite social so a really great time to slow things down and be with people you love and trust. Try and avoid conflicting points of view where things can become heated and unsteady where you might regret saying things you don't mean. Plan some day trips into nature, avoid big crowds. Gemini is an air sign and very 'mental' so earthing in a rainforest or on the beach with people you love to be around would be amazing. You can potentially have some awesome conversations, so long as you're not attached to the outcome and are just there for the experience. Have an awesome weekend xx

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Many moon blessings, moon women! xx


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